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    Looks like the Herschede parts are back online?

    Facebook We are excited to announce the grand opening of Griffen's Clock Parts and Supplies and the Herschede Hall Clock Company. Enjoy...
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    Question regarding interesting chalet Cuckoo with universal joint for music box

    This chalet cuckoo has a Regula 25 movement also stamped Schmeckenbecher. In addition to the cuckoo it has a music box and the rotating platform with the three person band with two doors. What is new to me is that all of the controls for the music box are attached to the side of the Regula 25...
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    Grand Father Clock from Berlin with winged logo of Kienzle?? with BSW threads ??

    I think the logo on this movement is one used by Kienzle? This clock was bought in Berlin during the Berlin air lift and brought back to the US by the father of the current owner. The pendulum rod is mostly wood, but the top has a steel rod attached that goes through the crutch foot and hangs...
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    Wm Gilbert Time only with Calendar School House clock stamped 1820 question

    This Gilbert time only with calendar has a steel plate movement stamped 1820. The calendar works are between the plates on this one. The case has been badly lacquered and has a bit of damage, but the movement seems in good shape needing just a few bushings. The owner is wondering what war...
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    Wondering about the maker of this clock - German I suspect VO on the dial

    Does anyone know the maker of this clock? It was shipped to a customer from Finland and arrived damaged. He has had it in a box for 2 years and decided to get it repaired. There is a 34 stamped into the wood frame of the door and the V in an O on the dial. The door hinges are stamped...
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    Unusual Ingraham movement questions

    I bought this Ingraham movement at auction just because I have never seen one similar. There are two extra wheel in front of the front plate. The one in the upper right has multiple holes for pins with two of the holes containing pins. The wheel in the lower left has its own click and ratchet...
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    Ansonia Crystal Regulator 5 1/4 back plate pinion failure assistance needed

    This Ansonia crystal regulator came in with the complaint that it would quit every 3 or 4 days, the hour hand seemed to do whatever it wanted, and the strike count made no sense at all. When they set the clock down a little pinion was laying on the floor inside the case. In the photos you can...
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    Would like some help identifying this movement maker - time only weight driven

    The case on this clock looks Asian to me and the previous owners were stationed in the Philippines for many years, but there is no other history on the clock. The back of the case appears to have been strengthened with some sort of plaster but there are no markings on the case. It is missing...
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    Need help identifying Large mantel clock with 8 Bells, 5 gongs, selectable from the dial

    This clocks is for sale locally and the owners have died without leaving any information about the clock I have heard of these clocks but do not know what companies made them. The only mark on this movement is a deep stamped 20 on the back plate. There are two music drums, one for the 8 bell...
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    Easy way to measure the length of a shattered main spring

    In a clock repair forum on Facebook a member asked about measuring a main spring that had broken into pieces. The usual answers were given about using the approximating formula as well as piecing it together with tape and wrapping a string around all the pieces. I suggested the following method...
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    Sharp Leighton floor clock date and information please

    A customer's family has had this clock for about 40 years. It is currently laying flat on its back in the garage due to some case damage that makes it iffy to stand up. They know little about it since it was passed down to them not working. So far I have found reference to Sharp Leighton...
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    Seth Thomas 24 HR Ship Clock - Time Only

    This ST Ships Clock came in for service not running at all. I am not sure what date it is from, but somewhere around 1940. A retired Navy corpsman has owned it for 40 years and never had it serviced. It has the front wind 5165 A movement - serial 4809 - with seven?? jewels in the platform...
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    Seth Thomas W42 desk clock and calendar question

    The same lady that brought in the GE Home Timer clock brought this Seth Thomas 8 day alarm and calendar desk unit. The date flipper is working again now. The movement is marked W42 and was made in Senden Germany. It is basically a seven jewel watch movement with an alarm. It is running fine now...
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    GE "Hotel" World Clock questions

    This GE world clock came in totally dead. I think this is a Hotel clock to alert the front desk when a room needs a wake up call? I have only seen one other and know almost nothing about them It has a 1962 date on the bottom, the case is bakelite and it has the auxiliary 110 volt output on...
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    Clock E Howard Time only movement

    Looking for an E Howard, time only, movement with the winding arbor at the 3 o'clock position. Weight or spring driven, pendulum movement is ideal photo shows preferred movement
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    Curious Marble and Brass wall clock dial - huge

    I am asking about this for a friend - I have not seen this item myself. It is 38 x 30 inches. There is a 5 deep inch wooden box behind the dial for the movement which would be no more than about 3 1/2 inches in depth. The hand shaft hole is about 3/4 inch in diameter and the key arbor hole is...
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    Geneva Stops on New Haven dual spring time only

    There is another thread regarding a similar movement with the same parts missing, but with different screw holes for the retainer. In that discussion I could not tell if there was a definitive answer to the number of teeth on the stop wheel that goes over the arbor. The basic conclusion there...
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    Cuckoo Clock Music Box question

    This is a chalet style Cuckoo with dancers, waterwheel and head smasher action figure, with a Regula 34 movement and separate chain for the dancers and music box. It came in because the ratchet for the music box chain was totally locked. The click spring had broken inside the ratchet and...
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    Help identify maker of this movement

    The maker's mark looks like a prancing elk or deer Under that are what appear to be the initials T B below that on the back place says Patent 22530 X thanks tom
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    Cleaning main springs

    This is a simple tool I use to clean main springs. It is a 12 volt RV pump motor mounted in a rubber cradle, but any motor would do. I put a brass cleaner brush used to clean rifle and pistol barrels into the chuck. These have brass bristles and the center twist is aluminum so there is no...

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