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  1. pmurphy

    Geoffrey Beene Pocket Watch

    So I got a Geoffrey Beene pocket watch from my mother-in-law for Christmas. Geoffrey Beene is actually a fashion clothing brand who's sister brands include Van Husen, Calvin Klein and the like. They sell watches at Kohl's, Macy's, and Wal-Mart. I appears that they don't market pocket watches...
  2. pmurphy

    Ultrasonic and Ionic Cleaner Question

    Newbie here with a probably dumb question although I don't think it was ever discussed here: I was thinking of investing in a small hobbyist watch parts cleaner with the proper solutions and my question is about the fumes produced from the solutions and operating the machine. Is proper...
  3. pmurphy

    "Electronic" Pocket Watches

    My new pocket watch is a Charles Hubert Paris #3939 (Quartz Movement) I received as an anniversary gift back in May and it keeps amazing time. After three months so far it's spot on. I do have a small collection of a half-dozen pocket and pendent watches I was just curious about acquiring one...
  4. pmurphy

    Do you still have the first pocket watch you collected?

    Interesting thread. My first pocket watch I acquired as a teenager sometime in the late seventies and I can't remember if I bought it myself or if it was gifted to me. I don't remember the brand or anything like that but the watch was actually horrible in quality. It had a hunter case (which I...
  5. pmurphy

    "Electronic" Pocket Watches

    Is there such a thing? I know this sounds like a crazy question but I was wondering if there are pocket watches with the tuning fork technology like the Bulova Accutron. The reason I'm asking is because I started a collection of pocket watches but they are all mid-century modern and up rather...
  6. pmurphy

    Workspace size?

    Beautiful workbench, Randy! New forum member here, just joined today. I'm just getting started in horology as an interesting hobby as I approach my retirement years. As far as workbenches go, I'm in the process of building one myself from reclaimed wood. I work for a steel and iron service...

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