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  1. ericn1300

    Japanese Scroll Clock

    From my deceased father's collection, Any information you guys may have about it would be greatly appreciated. No marks on the movement and the trademark on dial is only partial.
  2. ericn1300

    Sessions Kitchen clock- any info on it would be appreciated

    Is there any way to date the Sessions clocks?
  3. ericn1300

    Junghans. Good beat but hands don't move

    The clock has a good beat and the gear train all seems to moving correctly but the hands don't move. The hand moves freely and the chime strikes properly as I advance it. I assume the minute hand has a clutch to allow you to advance the time but I really don't want to do any damage so I'm asking...
  4. ericn1300

    A happy new years card

    Sent to me by a friend, I think you will all like it.
  5. ericn1300

    Unknown regulator shelf clock

    This is another clock I inherited from my father. It has a stamp on the movement with a "J" inside a five sided star. On the back of the clock it's marked 1869 and has three markings with numbers and what look like initials or other distinguishing marks from three different individuals written...
  6. ericn1300

    French Carriage clock with day date

    Hello, a newbie here. I have a brass carriage clock left to me, along with a few others, by my father who passed last spring. Any information in possibly identifying the age and maker would be greatly appreciated. There are no markings on the movement, face or case. It's all original, I took...

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