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  1. JimmyOz

    Any info on Samuel Smith of Newcastle?

    Baillie's Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World Vol 1 has 'Samual Smith Newecastle-o-T, 1825'.
  2. JimmyOz

    I thinks, we could call this quality

    I would not think that it is a veneer per say, the dates you have for the clock would make it very hard to slice veneer like burl without pulling the grain out. Have a closer look under the base to see if it is not a bit too thick to call veneer and rather solid cut fitted over pine. I would...
  3. JimmyOz

    Alberto Bioletti Grandfather Clock?

    Doon't pull the hour hand, look closely at the hour hand it should have a small screw holding it to the hour cannon.
  4. JimmyOz

    History of the Regula Cuckoo Clock Movement.

    About nail or glue? I have 2 Beha cuckoo clocks, one is made around 1870-80 and the other is made around 1890> . The 1870-80 has the numbers in bone and glued on and the 1890> has numbers in plastic like material and nailed on. Just my view, hide glue would hold bone to timber however not hold...
  5. JimmyOz

    Could you help on the model? Year?

    Yip just get some enjoyment out of it till it starts to play up and then address the service/repairs. I had a member at the golf club come up to me about a month ago and asked if I could sevice his GF clock, he said he bought it 27 years ago (new) and I asked if it had been serviced before and...
  6. JimmyOz

    Could you help on the model? Year?

    Well done it has come up great. Did you service the movement? It looks like it needs it, however if it is working there is no issues to do it till it starts to play up and then you can fix anything that needs it. As Zedric said, contact the QAWCC, they are a good group of people and you will...
  7. JimmyOz

    Could you help on the model? Year?

    Hi Glen, The clock case is in good condition and should be able to be brought back to life quite easy. I did one of these (not the same clock) cases a while ago and posted it and how to do it (well one way there are others) You can click on the link and go to #9 where I started...
  8. JimmyOz

    A Black Forest 43 Pipe 8 Tune Organ Clock with Automation

    I contacted Jeff Richards through his website a few monts ago and he was very helpful with information on a Beha I was restoring. Great site to look through if you like BF cuckoo clocks and the like. Try this link if the one on here is not working
  9. JimmyOz

    Help Dating Regula Movement

    The spring would be hidden under the sprocket side disk, if you had it out of the case you may be able to see where it went viewing from the front on the time train. Anyway you can always check if a newer Regula model has the same wheel diameter and tooth count and if so just change them over or...
  10. JimmyOz

    Help Dating Regula Movement

    By looping the chains you have halved the running time, looking at your photo in #1 those are rachet wheels I see and if they are not working then something needs fixed. When you fix the rachets you can then un-loop the chains and it should run 24 hours>
  11. JimmyOz

    18th Century Longcase Clock

    Looking at the close up of the hands, the amount of gunk say's that they have not been off for many a long year. This indicates that the movement is in the same shape, therefore it needs more attention than a drop of oil. What did the repairer do when he came to see it?
  12. JimmyOz

    Am I Cuckoo?

    The info given by new2clocks as about 1900 is what I think, The cuckoo (bird) is animated and if you lift the tail the wings will rise and the beak will open then shut as you let it go, this will happen automatically when you have it repaired by someone. Just on the bellows, ask for them to be...
  13. JimmyOz

    First Cuckoo Clock - Any help with Identification?

    I would also note that you have the antlers on the wrong way round, swap them over and have the lower hook part to the front.
  14. JimmyOz

    Large Cuckoo - What is it?

    It is because the last person to fiddle with the clock did not have this forum to help them out. The antler size is about 4 inches
  15. JimmyOz

    Large Cuckoo - What is it?

    Make sure you order the Oak Leaf to match the case, you can also order the unfinished stick/rod that is the longest and use the parts off the whole Oak Leaf one on the new rod/stick, then cut the stick/rod when it is close to keeping the right time.
  16. JimmyOz

    New Acquisition...What is it?

    Could be Arts and Crafts era given the look of the dial. You have to love the made up suspention spring. As for a hammers just using gravity to fall this is not uncommon, however look at the arbour the hammers are attached too and see if it has a small hook like part attached to it, if so look...
  17. JimmyOz

    Trying to Identify who made this cuckoo

    Like I said I am not an expert, however here is your case in the Beha catalogue with the dates on the front page and your clock is shown bottom right. You can PM or email Jeff Richards as he will know if that is a Beha clock for sure.
  18. JimmyOz

    Trying to Identify who made this cuckoo

    Ticktock, I have a Beha cataloge that has the OP's cuckoo clock in it with the model number. I also have a 50 hour spring driven wall cuckoo Beha and a 8 day spring driven wall Beha, both of which I am restoring at the moment. The OP's although it is weight driven has the same basic movement...
  19. JimmyOz

    Trying to Identify who made this cuckoo

    It is a Johann Baptis Beha cuckoo clock number 252, very nice indeed and made around 1860-70. Do you have the belows that go with it? Beha cuckoo's are worth a bit of money, read up on his clocks on the web as there is a lot of info.
  20. JimmyOz

    Hac/Hau Junghans long case clock 1930’s?

    Welcome Mark, The movement looks in good condition and as long as it is working I would not take it apart for cleaning. I think it would be better to get a time only and a time and strike mantel clock and use them to gain knowledge on how the basic clock works, maybe buy them not working as they...

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