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    Movado Chronometer HF

    I think this is a Movado watch, case and dial. However, the dial was redone at some point and "Chronometer HF" as incorrectly added. That caption was originally used on Girard Perregaux high-beat (36,000 bps) chronometer movements in the late 1960's. Hope this helps, gatorcpa
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    Hamilton serials and dating

    Try this website for pocket watches: They have information for most American made Hamilton wrist watch grades. gatorcpa
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    ebay rules discussion

    I posted a link to this discussion to Onega Forums. If you would like to read some other opinions, you can look here. eBay Authenticity Guarantee - Applicability to Vintage Watches? | Omega Forums gatorcpa
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    Rolex serial numbers project

    There is a site out there that has a large database without pictures: The Vintage Rolex Case Number Project There is also a Rolex Dial Project on the same board, but you now need a Tapatalk account to access it. Vintage Rolex Dial Project I used to be a member there, but I can no longer...
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    ebay rules discussion

    Like many things in life, this looks like a mixed bag. The way I read this, the policy is mainly geared towards more modern pieces. It remains to be seen how this policy is going to apply to older watches. There is no definition of what eBay means by the following, "Vintage watches which...
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    Hamilton Curved Case Models 1930 - 1940 era

    Not that I know of, but you can view Hamilton catalogs back to 1910 here: Hamilton Dealer Catalogs Happy hunting! gatorcpa
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    Female spring bars

    I also have a Piping Rock and bought this assortment of female springbars from a seller in the Netherlands: It was not expensive and the 16mm ones fit perfectly. I'm not crazy about the "cup" ended springbars. If they aren't the originals, they tend to slide off at the wrong time. These...
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    Girard Perregaux Chronometer 39 Jewels 36,000 b/h

    The watch is not recased. It is a Ref. 9086-GA. Oddly enough, the gold-plated ("GA") versions are the hardest to find, although I do not believe it adds to value at all. After all, they are only 20 micron gold-plated. I have a very similar watch. Here is a Japanese catalog page showing...
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    Case and unusual hallmark question.

    That is correct. At the time this watch was produced, Argentina had a heavy tariff on gold watch cases. An easy solution was to import just the movement and have a contractor produce the case under license.This is why "Girard Perregaux" is also engraved on the inside. This practice is...
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    All of the examples shown here have a US import code of "BOL" which would correspond with Bernard S. Lippman, the US importer of Lemania (and a few other Swiss brands). Source: Ranfft Watches, US Import Codes Here is a 1946 ad from Lemania showing a similar, but non-chronometer, chronograph...
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    The Illinois Watch Co. was taken over by Hamilton in the late 1920's and operated in Springfield, IL until the early 1930's. Hamilton maintained ownership of the "Illinois" brand and occasionally used it on some Hamilton watches in the 1930's and 1940's to keep the name in use. The...
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    Chronograph id

    Landeron never made movements for Omega. You may be thinking of Lemania. There are many Omega chronographs with Lemania movements. Lemania was a sister company to Omega and Tissot for many years. Today, they are all under the Swatch Group umbrella. Hope this helps, gatorcpa
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    19k Bulova Phantom

    EWC = European Watch Company. Many Cartier watches (mainly those produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre) were engraved with that name, even though neither the movements or cases were produced by Cartier. gatorcpa
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    5th ave NY same addess for Gruen and Bulova?

    As of 1960, the Gruen factory moved from one NYC location to 20 West 47th Street, as per the article below from a US Customs publication: Treasury Decisions Under the Customs, Internal Revenue, Industrial Alcohol, Narcotic and Other Laws Gruen's main office was still in Cincinnati at this...
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    Harwood PL Watch

    Let us not forget Spain! Harwood Take care, gatorcpa
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    Vintagewatchpriceguide shutting down

    If so, that would be a shame. Hopefully, Zaf finds someone to carry on as he is one of the true experts in the field of vintage LeCoultre and Jaeger-LeCoultre watches. I have noticed that there has been little to no activity on his site in quite awhile. gatorcpa
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    Vintage 1955 Rolex Oysterdate question

    The 18,259 serial number makes sense to me. The 1955 engraving on the back is the clue. The watch was likely made in 1954 just after the changeover, and sold shortly thereafter. The lowest serial number from that era that I have seen is low 10,000's. Nice old Rolex. gatorcpa
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    Early 20thC wrist watch identification.....

    Assuming this is a Longines movement (and I think it is), it was manufactured around 1900. Put the serial number in here: Longines Year Identifier | Vintage Watch Resources This was a ladies pocket watch later converted to wrist use, probably in the 1920's. I have a similar Longines watch...
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    Need ID

    Case and movement look genuine to me. This looks to be a US market watch. It has a three-letter import mark near the balance which cannot be read in the photo provided. One should be able to trace the US importer to confirm that the movement is legitimate. Dial may be a older redial which...
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    At least Rolex agrees with you, Adam. What's really interesting is that today, Rolex's Dallas Service Center is located on North Harwood Street! Now back to our regularly scheduled thread. gatorcpa

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