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    Clock Cincinnati Time Recorder Movement

    yes still looking, see above
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    Clock Cincinnati Time Recorder Movement

    Hello, yes my search has been somewhat fruitless. I'm still looking for a CTR movement that (I think) should be stamped 60 for 120 bpm. I'm also on the lookout for an original beat scale for the same. It seems that when they converted these clocks they did a good job of stripping out anything...
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    Clock Wanted: Seth Thomas 86F movement

    120 beat version is what I need, even better if you have an appropriate pendulum for it
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    Clock Cincinnati Time Recorder Movement

    It seems that a Seth Thomas 86F with a 60 tooth escape wheel will work
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    Clock Cincinnati Time Recorder Movement

    Hello, I'm looking for a non-electrified movement for a CTR series 14, I could also use the pendulum and beat scale. I'd love to restore this beauty's tick! I found what I thought was the correct movement but it's for a much longer case than the 14, the pendulum being about another 4" too long...

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