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  1. Steve Murphy

    Identify an early battery movement

    I have never seen a movement like this, does anyone know what it is? The only marks are, 205 and Pat. Feb 24, 9. Link to youtube video.
  2. Steve Murphy

    tall case clock

    found this at an estate sale, any idea how old it is. dial has been redone.
  3. Steve Murphy

    New York Standard Watch Co Clock

    How long should 2 D cells run a seconds beating NY Standard? I get 15 swings per impulse, but have to change bateries every 3 months.
  4. Steve Murphy

    Waterbury #60

    Waterbury regulator, pinwheel movement, 80" tall. Love these big wall hangers!
  5. Steve Murphy

    72" wall regulator

    I found this in an antique shop, the case looks like a 1900's # 20 Standard Electric Master Clock. The movement is a weight driven Seth Thomas. Pendulum is a Standard Master Clock Pendulum. An interesting Marriage.
  6. Steve Murphy

    Ansonia Prompt

    Found a nice Ansonia Prompt, porcelain dial, double weight, time only, looks very nice, old glass. I think it's walnut. The label on back is in good condition. Tran Du Ly book says it's from 1901
  7. Steve Murphy

    chapter 75 mart

    Found this Serpentine Vienna Regulator at Chapter 75's mart Sunday in Chatsworth CA. Great lunch too! The clock is a 60 day runner, unknown maker, no marks on movement.
  8. Steve Murphy

    Huge Grandfather clock

    I added a 9 tube Elite grandfather clock to my collection. It's really big, 8 feet 3 inches tall. The chime weight is 35 pounds. Patent date on the tubes is 1904.
  9. Steve Murphy

    Imperial battery clock with Synchronizer

    This clock has a synchronizer, I have not seen one before.
  10. Steve Murphy

    Tiffany Never Wind

    Got this one Saturday. Double contact, runs well.
  11. Steve Murphy

    Standard Electric Standard Electric Movement in an unknown case

    Don't know where this case came from, maybe custom made. Solid oak and very heavy.
  12. Steve Murphy

    chapter 75 mart

    I bought a Large Waltham regulator and had a great time at the Mart Sunday.
  13. Steve Murphy

    Movement Transplant

    I bought a Colonial 5 tube grandfather clock from a thrift shop, nice looking clock, but the Jauch movement was in need of some busings. The clock was made in 1972, so not an antique. I found a Revere electric 5 tube movement on Ebay and made the switch. Now the clock sounds great, don't have...
  14. Steve Murphy

    Winslow Clock

    Found on Ebay, an unusual direct read clock, uses disks that over lap. I have not seen a motor like that before.
  15. Steve Murphy

    Bulle Bulle? what is it?

    Found this at Pasadena Show, looks something like a Bulle, but not exactly, has a serial number, 312751. Maybe John Hubby knows what it is.
  16. Steve Murphy

    Frank Holden Electric Clock

    I found this clock at the Greater Los Angles Regional in Pasadena. Thanks to clockdoc.org for the patent photo
  17. Steve Murphy

    Who made this Banjo Clock?

    I found this clock Saturday at Pasadena Sale, no name on works or dial, it's about 40" tall, repro? xyzzytom_249723 xyzzytom_249722 xyzzytom_249724
  18. Steve Murphy

    GLAR purchase

    I found this Electro-clock at Pasadena Friday, A good show as usual.
  19. Steve Murphy

    Greater Los Angeles Regional

    Found 2 Bulle clocks at Pasadena. Glass case is serial number 261025 and the wood case serial is 5888
  20. Steve Murphy


    I found a nice Ansonia Swinger at chapter 116's mart, Saturday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL7d9Ni7xMc

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