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  1. klokwiz

    watchman station clock?

    Hi, I have acquired this clock and would like help identifying it and verifying what it is and how it works. I am unfamiliar with the makers mark hopefully someone has seen it before. I believe this is a watchman's station clock to verify he has completed his rounds. it appears to be missing a...
  2. klokwiz

    center wheel cannon post repair

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can help repair a broken cannon pinion post. I am assuming it is much like a pivot repair. thanks, joe.
  3. klokwiz

    Clock 8 day clock weights 2 1/2 squre 4 plus pounds

    need pair of weights for triple decker. could be 2 1/2 x 2 3/4 any height PM me thanks
  4. klokwiz

    Ansonia movement ID and help with spring work

    Hi, working on this as apart of complete clock cleanup. 1) I am trying to ID the year this movement was made if possible or at lease a range. It is a double spring time only with a center sweep seconds. 2) want advice on proper method of removing springs from barrel. since there is no key...
  5. klokwiz

    Ansonia "old Ironsides" dial cleanup

    hi, picked up this clock at an auction. was not sure how the dial was going to turn out, but it worked out well. I had hoped to remove all the tarnish and corrosive damage but there is still some that was too deep to remove safely. The brass dial is etched then filled with a black and protected...
  6. klokwiz

    Ansonia Clock Co. "Old Ironsides" info on production

    Hi. recently found at auction this Ansonia has a unique dial and case with a sweep seconds hand. I have been unable to find any specifics about when this was made or production numbers. I am speculating that it may have come out near the end of their production prior to 1929. I am hoping...
  7. klokwiz

    Scottish Rattray of Dundee wall regulator questions

    Hi, I have posted this item in repair post so some of it may seem familiar. I am looking to resolve three issues with this project: 1) replace current suspension spring with correct hanger type 2) determine the correct pendulum bob retainer and regulating nut. 3) install a correct bezel latch...
  8. klokwiz

    need help repairing fusee spring barrel arbor

    Hi, was attempting to load a new spring into my fusse barrel and the arbor slipped out of the spring winder. when this happened the tip of the arbor snapped off at the hole for the star gear retaining pin. I need someone to either repair or make a new arbor. please let me know if you can do this...
  9. klokwiz

    Rattray of Dundee regulator hood and bezel repair

    Hi, I am working on restoring the hood, hood door or bezel for this Scottish Regulator. It appears that there was a frame (maybe wood) about an inch or so if you look closely you can see shadowing on hood wood right lower quadrant. This may have then had a brass bezel with glass or maybe it was...
  10. klokwiz

    Rattray of Dundee Scottish Regulator

    Hi, need some help with my restoration of this new acquisition. I am looking to correct the pendulum bob rating nut assembly and repair the missing hood door and glass. I am going to present the bezel door on the case repair post. the pendulum bob is a long heavy tube of brass with lead core...
  11. klokwiz

    American PW help with N.E.W. Co. Jockey winding stem repair

    Hi, picked this up off the bay. liked the odd ball maker and model. Plus it has golfer on dial paper. The stem crown was missing and as I am not very familiar with this type of stem assy I am looking for help. It appears to me that there must be some sort of spring under crown to keep stem...
  12. klokwiz

    Vortic Watch Co Military Edition what do you think? plus lawsuit

    Hi, I have watched with great interest the development of this company and as a fellow businessman wished them great success. I recently received their email about the military edition they are selling, very slick and good looking marketing piece. But I am concerned about the taking of a...
  13. klokwiz

    Elgin 18 size KS dial washer

    Hi, A recent cleaning/repair has raised a question I am not clear on. Do all Elgin 18 size KS watches have dial washers or do they rely on the minute hand set deep enough to prevent hour hand tube from jumping teeth? This watch did not have a dial washer and when I installed one it seemed to...
  14. klokwiz

    Elgin 18 size model 1 KWKS

    Hi, hope this isn't a silly question, but my pocketwatch skills are a bit rusty. I just cleaned this new acquisition and after finishing it is gaining about 10 minutes in 12 hours. It appeared to not have been apart much and was running so I did not evaluate it much before tear down. The...
  15. klokwiz

    Buco Foliot clock runs slow

    Hi, I bought this at an auction and decided to fix it up. It was complete so after hanging it on my home made test stand it would run briefly and stop. I tracked the problem to the intermediate gear teeth jamming on the weight drive gear. The six leave gear was not set deep enough into the...
  16. klokwiz

    Seth Thomas balance wheel end cap repair

    hi, run into new issue not sure how to fix or where to get repair parts. The balance wheel pivot points (please correct my terminology) go into the pictured end caps. One end cap is not conical and the pivot does not properly rotate. One pivot tip has worn out of shape as well, you can see it...
  17. klokwiz

    Seth Thomas ships bell wood cased model

    Hi, looking to identify this nice Seth Thomas. I am wondering what the model name is and the rarity of this wood case for the ships bell. thanks in advance for your assistance, Joe The dial is ceramic and has standard bell movement. PS there is no info on case back
  18. klokwiz

    Seth Thomas ships bell how long do they run ?

    Hi, I have had several opportunities to work on these type clocks and for some reason it appears to me that the movement will not run a full 8 days between windings. I have not conducted a properly verified test, but it just seems they run down before a weekly winding routine. Is it possible...
  19. klokwiz

    Tall case clock with one hand replacement

    Hi, I am in the process of doing some restoration work to a single handed tall case. The clock has had a modern hand fitted to it and I am going to replace it with a more period correct hand. The current setup is loose on arbor and has a poorly fitting clip arrangement, I do not have much...
  20. klokwiz

    Chelsea ships clock hand replacements

    Hi, I am aware that there is a shortage of supply for Chelsea repair parts. I am currently looking for replacement hands for a bakelite 6 inch military clock. they are white with center seconds hand. Has anybody found a source for these? or other Chelsea parts. Joe

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