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    French Marti Rack and Snail Strikes 2 at highest point on snail where one should be

    Re: French Marti Rack and Snail Strikes 2 at highest point on snail where one should Well done. This is the type of issue you come across all the time. The rack and the rack tail are lose on their centre, or the rack pin or rack pivoting centre are worn to produce excessive play. You often need...
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    Restore Or Enjoy Patina???

    Clean lightly, then conserve - but do not restore :-).
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    Black Forest, French...and who is this guy?

    You are probably right regarding the subject. I know he made a quite similar carving of a poacher because it was sold here in the UK a while ago (at a price far above the valuation). I think it was from around 1880.
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    Black Forest, French...and who is this guy?

    Interesting clock. To venture a guess the hunter could very well be Wilhelm Tell. He is depicted similarly in several paintings.
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    Robin a Paris: History and Possible Repair of an Old Clock from My Grandmother

    I forgot this in my post above, but here is a link to a small text I wrote about caring for French clocks in case you are interested: http://www.zerocarbonsolutions.com/AllDeco/Documentation/ClockCareWeb.pdf
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    Robin a Paris: History and Possible Repair of an Old Clock from My Grandmother

    Great to see Lise's enthusiasm - soon we shall have another female expert in the group, which would be nice :). I can see from the photos that the clock is very dirty and I would hesitate to let it run in its current condition. It is an extremely nice clock and it should be serviced competently...
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    Robin a Paris: History and Possible Repair of an Old Clock from My Grandmother

    This is very definitely the genuine article, from the first half of the 19th century by the looks of it, and a good quality clock to boot (could be as early as 1780). It should be taken to a specialist for repair and conservation. The old repairs should be looked at and, if required, stabilised...
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    Robin a Paris: History and Possible Repair of an Old Clock from My Grandmother

    Very nice clock indeed. As mentioned it would be good to see some good photos of the movement and pendulum - do you have the original key? If so, of that as well. What you don't want is to take the clock to your average corner shop clock and key maker. It should be serviced and conserved by a...
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    S Marti movement need help date coding?

    The gold plating was too thin to make it worth while to rob it for gold :). I was wondering whether there might be any retailer's marks anywhere? The reason I ask is that I suspect the case could be German. I haven't seen any French cases stylistically exactly like this one, whereas I have seen...
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    Japy Freres, religious style.

    According to old catalogues customers bought these clocks and then added a stand and dome in case they wanted, as extras. I have seen many more without than with these accoutrements.
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    Japy Freres, religious style.

    Good buy - and a life without a wife is even happier... ;-)
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    Where is the best place to sell a clock? Any reputable online auctions?

    I can't judge the quality of this clock from a single photo - you really need to handle it to be certain. If this is indeed a bronze clock and not a case made from a base metal Ebay is not the best place to get an idea of the value - expensive items are almost always under-valued. I would...
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    Advice needed for shipping a clock

    My small booklet about French clocks contains some information - with pictures - about how I pack clocks: www.zerocarbonsolutions.com/AllDeco/Documentation/ClockCareWeb.pdf I always ship valuable clocks in two boxes, one inside the other, with shock absorbing material between them.
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    Amazing Antique double statue French clock bell strike date? Info?

    Samuel Marti was awarded the bronze medal in 1860, and a silver medal in 1889 so 1870-80 is probably a good guess. Photos of other movement details and the pendulum may bring us closer. Lovely clock - have you found any signatures on the case or figurines at all?
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    Make and age of this French clock?

    Judging from the photos I would place it slightly earlier, pre-WWI, 1900-1914, something like that. The style is rather Edwardian.
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    French Statue Clock

    So at least you know it was serviced recently ;-) No fixed rules apply. They can be small, indistinct and hard to see. They can be placed anywhere in the casting, often on bases - or e.g. on the inside of a leg of an animal figurine. More often than not there isn't one.
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    French Statue Clock

    Nice clock. The quality looks good, crisp castings, nice gilding. It is difficult to tell much about it from the photos. It is obviously a French clock from the latter part of the 19th century. The suspension is somewhat unusual. It looks like a variation on a Vallet suspension but marked...
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    Peculiar Japy Movement

    A new clock garniture I just acquired is fitted with a somewhat unusual movement. This is the clock garniture as a whole, sculptures by Guillemin, "Le Passage du Gre" - Crossing the Ford. The movement is a Japy movement carrying the Japy Freres & Cie, Gde Med d'Honneur trade mark. If I'm not...

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