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  1. oldcat61

    Scottish longcase finials

    Just acquired a brass dial scottish longcase. Has a flame finial in the center and 2 holes at the sides. I thought flames were more associated with American clocks. What do you all think it should have?
  2. oldcat61

    Longcase fret design

    Here's a photo my 1775 John Key longcase. Scottish thistles backed by old parchment. Sue
  3. oldcat61

    tall case clock case with psoriasis

    I think it's incredible - what a before & after. If there is a clock heaven, the original maker is dancing a jig! Congrats on an over-the-top effort. Sue
  4. oldcat61

    Beadings, Stringing, Linear-Inlays etc:-

    Laprade - glad we have our clocks straight. My original question was: how/when/where "stop fluting" was done. I don't have real good photos - too much glare from flash. No beading or inlay. BTW, same fluting & side frets on at least 4 John Key clocks. Sue
  5. oldcat61

    Barley Twist clock-decoration: making

    Laprade - we're getting our clocks mixed up. My John Key LC has a brass dial,fluted hood columns, plain mahogony. The barley twist, with cross banding & a painted dial, belongs to someone else but I can't remember who.
  6. oldcat61

    Barley Twist clock-decoration: making

    Laprade - Not sure which clock you mean; mine does not have any cross banding. Just plain mahogony. The work on the columns, I have seen called stop reeding( not beading) or stop fluting. Sue
  7. oldcat61

    Barley Twist clock-decoration: making

    Laprade - I enjoyed learning more about barley twists. Now for your next trick! When Gordon Converse appraised our LC, he really liked what he called( I think) stop reeding on the hood & waist columns. What can you tell all of us about how/when/where that was done? Sue
  8. oldcat61

    Veneer Glue

    Re: Veneer Glue & sound frets So that's what is behind the fretwork & cloth. Plain old holes! My Scottish LC( John Key circa 1770) has only side frets, in the shape of thistles. Instead of fabric, there is very fragile old parchment. I checked with Dumbarton & that is what is on their Key...
  9. oldcat61

    E. N. Welch Clock Case Restore Problem

    Sooth - do I understand you correctly? You have the equipment/skill to reproduce molding? I have a 1770s Scottish tall case that is missing a piece of side molding. Is that something you can do? Sue
  10. oldcat61


    Thanks guys - I was looking for the wax filler sticks. Will look thru the web sites & see what else I might want.
  11. oldcat61


    Does anyone have a US source for Liberon? When I google, I get UK sites. I tried Lowe's, Depot & a lumber yard. Thanks, Sue
  12. oldcat61

    Tobacco Stained Case

    The rest of the funny story - a previous bodger had used the hinge end of a safety pin as a click. And the poor thing still ran - I had to rescue it! David re-did the movement & it runs well, bongs very loudly & looks perfect next the cast-iron cookstove & all the iron pots. Now stop fighting...
  13. oldcat61

    Tobacco Stained Case

    Sorry - I didn't mean to cause a stir. Was really just trying to relate a funny story. First, I didn't know there were flowers, just thought it was cast iron like a frying pan. It was years ago but all I've ever used is a mild, non-lye brand from our local country store. BTW, I'm Sue - my...
  14. oldcat61

    Tobacco Stained Case

    Just in case you think tobacco is bad - we have a cute cast-iron front clock in our kitchen. Bought it to "go with" our cast-iron cookstove. It must have spend it's early life in a similar location. I cleaned the baked on grease & dirt with oven cleaner. Lo & behold, pretty flowers under the crud.
  15. oldcat61

    Sound holes/frets on Scottish longcase

    thin silk, huh? Now if I was really twisted, I'd use my family's clan tartan!
  16. oldcat61

    Sound holes/frets on Scottish longcase

    Recently accquired a Scottish longcase with lovely thistle shaped holes/frets in the sides of the hood. Guess someone thought the bell too loud & they have covered the sound openings with plywood! I know newer clocks like Herschedes used a goldish fabric, but what would be correct for a circa...

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