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    Rare Miniature temp comp haas hauck 400 day clocks

    Just wanted to show my pair of mini hauck clocks.never seen others before.both are differant with one having mini round movement and other a mini rectangle movement.also pendulums one has 2 weights one has 4 weights and holding screws are differant has the same casting underneath the...
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    Triple date moonphase badishe 400 day clock

    I just got this clock from holland and it's the most complicated 400 day clock I have seen I think it's all original as the movement has many features that would be hard to make like extended shafts on the front plate that hold extra wheels and levers.the only thing I think is not original is...
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    Unusual wood cased grivolas clocks

    Here are a couple of wood cased grivs I acquired the juf rear wind appears in the juf catalogue but the French one I only found similar pic in the griv cat has anyone got info on this model?.
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    Original Gustav Becker torsion clock copper printing blocks.

    I recently picked up these Gustav Becker torsion clock printing blocks great history and I think they had been used to make print the original Gustav Becker catalogs ?.

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