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  1. Anthony I

    Elgin 17 Jewel??

    I have this movement an Elgin 18s The plate is stamped 17 Jewels but when counting the jewels I count 15 The serial # when I look up says it’s a grade 82 GM wheeler 15 jewel? what’s the story with this movement? Can anyone help Thanks again. Anthony
  2. Anthony I

    Help Longines Witt. Staff

    Hello everyone I need your help . I have a Longines Wittnauer AFUS Army type AII I took apart the whole movement and I cannot find what caliber or what model this movement is I have searched everywhere throughout the Internet and cannot find any information what I would like is a balance staff...
  3. Anthony I

    Identify pocket watch

    Hello all thanks everyone that helps, because every time I need help NAWCC is there! I would like to identify a Pocket Watch that I found in my collection it runs very well I just would like to know more information about it. the serial number on the face of the movement is, 489310. Depose...
  4. Anthony I

    New England PW

    Hello every one was hoping I could find answers from nawcc members. I have a New England PW serial #44310. Was looking for a balance staff for this. believe the size is 18 also it’s key wound. The hairspring is pinned to the plate and not the balance cock. I know it’s personal preference but is...
  5. Anthony I

    Identifying American pocket watch

    Can someone help identifying this watch, I believe its a Hamilton because of the dial but not sure on the back of movement says ,Thos. J. Morrow Holyoke, Mass Serial #3021 when I research it online I believe it’s a model 931 Hamilton any information would be greatly appreciate it!

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