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  1. Geoff May

    Help on a case

    Hi all, Going through my "Junk" I have this Waltham Riverside in running order BUT in need of some TLC, what I cannot find any information is the Case the only mark is this Bear and I have searched all over but alas no information. Does anyone know what this means ??
  2. Geoff May

    Omega Watch ??

    Hi all, I have this watch it works great and keeps time to a few seconds a day which is good?? The dial is Omega and I dated it as a 1902. BUT I cannot find any information on the movement there is no reference to Omega only the name "Sheppard's Special" Does anyone have any information on...
  3. Geoff May

    Standard Watch Co

    Can anyone help me to get some information on this watch? Standard Watch Co Pittsburgh Pa Thanks geoff
  4. Geoff May

    Elgin Fancy Face

    Here is another I have an Elgin Gold Filled 25 year I think can anyone confirm if I am right 1 - Model 2 2 - year 1899 It came with a chain about 24" long with a Bow Ribbon ladies pin, hunter case no engravings with the stem at 3:00 O'Clock does anyone have any history? The pictures do not...
  5. Geoff May

    New England Watch Co

    A Key wind watch named New England Watch Co Providence R. J. I assume it is a Fake ?? Geoff May
  6. Geoff May

    Hamilton 925

    Hi all, I acquired this watch a few years ago and was wondering if I am correct? 1 - A Grade 925? 2 - Year 1900 3 - Railroad?? I noticed that there was no 925 thread on the Hamilton three page It is sterling silver with I believe a Gold inlay of a Cabin on the back Is this something with...
  7. Geoff May

    English Fusee

    Hi, I bought this watch a few years ago from an antique dealer for about $100.00, it is Sterling silver I think 1890 from the hallmark. It was made by John Safety in Carluke Scotland. Can anyone help on the real age and any history? Thanks Geoff
  8. Geoff May

    Hamilton 3992B

    Hi, OK so I bought this watch a few years ago and tried to do some research on it. What I found out is that it is a Naval watch made for the Canadian / British Navy in 1942 or so The manufacture number is 3C1338 which I believe is the number to trace the history back. Can anyone help me to...
  9. Geoff May

    Thomas Russel & Son Pocket watch

    OK so I am new here BUT I have been buying old pocket watches for a few years some working some not working I managed to get information on most Not American watches but European are harder. I have a Thomas Russel & Son pocket watch with a serial number of 8374 and would like to date the watch...

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