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  1. Ticktocktime100

    Gustav Becker Auction Advice please

    I see nothing wrong with the pendulum length, it looks perfectly original to me. Regards.
  2. Ticktocktime100

    Gustav Becker Auction Advice please

    Hi, What sort of information are you looking for, exactly? You are contemplating a nice Gustav Becker “freischwinger” (free-swinger) wall clock made around 1890. As you point out, it appears to be in good condition both mechanically and esthetically, it is nice to see all the finials are...
  3. Ticktocktime100

    Ships Clock ID, question

    Hi, Yes, I think the seller was right - the clock looks very much like a product of the German firm Schatz. It isn’t very old, and dates to the latter part of the date bracket given above - roughly 1980’s, perhaps a shade earlier. Regards.
  4. Ticktocktime100

    Help with ID of Seth Thomas

    Hi, In addition, I believe such a style of clock is also frequently termed a “beehive”. Regards.
  5. Ticktocktime100

    Junghans Gebruder A - G Grandfather Clock

    Hi, You have a nice round top longcase clock, made by Junghans - one of the more prominent German manufacturers. W70 is the movement type, which is one of the larger sizes, and the « 65 » could well be the date of manufacture, that is 1965. Your clock should play Westminster chimes and strike...
  6. Ticktocktime100

    Help in Identifying Mantle Clock

    Hi, Your clock is definitely German, circa 1900-1910, and looks very much like a Junghans although you’d expect it to be marked - however, I believe not all Junghans movements were stamped. Although good quality, these clocks are not rare - therefore, I’d place the value around $70-90 US, you...
  7. Ticktocktime100

    Thrift Store Find

    No, I don’t think so - what makes you suggest it?
  8. Ticktocktime100

    ID Estate Find

    Hi, Looks fantastic, well done! I would still advise you, however, to try to source the correct minute hand for it - but it’s only a small detail. Regards.
  9. Ticktocktime100

    Help ID Sessions

    Hi, Someone will no doubt be along with the exact model, but most of these Sessions Tambour clocks were made between the mid 1920’s and early 1930’s. Could you post pictures of the New Haven? It could well be from the same period. Regards.
  10. Ticktocktime100

    Regula 34 M

    Hi, Is there nothing after the M? If I remember well, these movements have an M followed by two digits. Just looking at it, I would say closer to 1980. Regards.
  11. Ticktocktime100

    Thrift Store Find

    Hi, As suggested above, I would offer that amount for the pair, a fair price for two projects. If they don’t accept, I’d only go for the second one (New Haven) because of the poor condition of the dial on the Gilbert. You could probably get the New Haven for $35-40 alone. Regards.
  12. Ticktocktime100

    Is this worth restoring?

    Hi, Others more knowledgeable on American clocks than I will likely be along shortly with more precise information, but your clock dates to roughly 1870, and imagine it would originally have had a reverse painted tablet on the lower glass, later replaced by a clear piece. It is certainly worth...
  13. Ticktocktime100

    New store finds

    Hi, Yes, the Herschede is a very fine clock and certainly a better investment than the previous one. The four glass clock isn’t an oriental reproduction - it is an excellent late 19th century French example with mercury pendulum and cloisoinné enamel panels. At it’s price, it is a good...
  14. Ticktocktime100

    Approximate Age of Clock.

    Hi, With regard to the age, it is a typical German box clock made in the 1920’s, possibly 1930’s. It looks like it could be a Mauthe, Kienzle is also a possibility. The pictures requested above will certainly be a help. Regards.
  15. Ticktocktime100

    Any information please?

    Hi, Your clock is indeed Dutch, and is commonly referred to as a Frisian "stoelklok" because of the bracket/stool it sits on. I know others here will be able to refine the date, I'd say mid 19th century around 1840-1850, perhaps a shade earlier. I suspect the dial surround and ornaments have...
  16. Ticktocktime100

    Japy Freres clock

    Be aware that unless it has a tempting price tag, a marble clock such as this one, despite its quality, is sadly about the worst possible type of clock to buy with a view to making a profit in the current state of the market. Regards.
  17. Ticktocktime100

    Japy Freres clock

    Hi Kevin, It’s a handsome example Kevin - the exposed escapement and its size is a bonus, but the market is particularly unkind to these clocks at the moment. I would suggest $200-300 CAN in its present state, and $500-600 CAN fully restored. Even that estimate might be on the ambitious side...
  18. Ticktocktime100

    French French Comtoise

    Hi, Your example is late 19th century, circa 1870-1880. Regards.
  19. Ticktocktime100

    LFS clock dating

    Hi, A nice clock you have - it is commonly termed a « Bilderrahmenuhr » (picture clock) because of the reverse painted landscape on the glass. I have seen a few of these clocks and wouldn’t exactly call them rare, but it is comparatively rare to find them in such good condition, with all...
  20. Ticktocktime100

    Gothic 2-wt Lenzkirch

    Hi, A fantastic clock - the quality of the carving is superb. Congratulatons. Regards.

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