• Important Executive Director Announcement from the NAWCC

    The NAWCC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mr. Rory McEvoy has been named Executive Director of the NAWCC. Rory is an internationally renowned horological scholar and comes to the NAWCC with strong credentials that solidly align with our education, fundraising, and membership growth objectives. He has a postgraduate degree in the conservation and restoration of antique clocks from West Dean College, and throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to handle some of the world’s most important horological artifacts, including longitude timekeepers by Harrison, Kendall, and Mudge.

    Rory formerly worked as Curator of Horology at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, where his role included day-to-day management of research and digitization projects, writing, public speaking, conservation, convening conferences, exhibition work, and development of acquisition/disposal and collection care policies. In addition, he has worked as a horological specialist at Bonhams in London, where he cataloged and handled many rare timepieces and built important relationships with collectors, buyers, and sellers. Most recently, Rory has used his talents to share his love of horology at the university level by teaching horological theory, history, and the practical repair and making of clocks and watches at Birmingham City University.

    Rory is a British citizen and currently resides in the UK. Pre-COVID-19, Rory and his wife, Kaai, visited HQ in Columbia, Pennsylvania, where they met with staff, spent time in the Museum and Library & Research Center, and toured the area. Rory and Kaai will be relocating to the area as soon as the immigration challenges and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 permit.

    Some of you may already be familiar with Rory as he is also a well-known author and lecturer. His recent publications include the book Harrison Decoded: Towards a Perfect Pendulum Clock, which he edited with Jonathan Betts, and the article “George Graham and the Orrery” in the journal Nuncius.

    Until Rory’s relocation to the United States is complete, he will be working closely with an on-boarding team assembled by the NAWCC Board of Directors to introduce him to the opportunities and challenges before us and to ensure a smooth transition. Rory will be participating in strategic and financial planning immediately, which will allow him to hit the ground running when he arrives in Columbia

    You can read more about Rory McEvoy and this exciting announcement in the upcoming March/April issue of the Watch & Clock Bulletin.

    Please join the entire Board and staff in welcoming Rory to the NAWCC community.

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  1. Salsagev

    Pivot polishing compound alternatives

    Is there any polishing compounds that would work for pivot polishing after a series of sand papering? I've got Brasso, Pre-lim, and Toothpaste. What amount of increments of sand paper should I use? I have grits to the thousands.
  2. Salsagev

    Gilbert Unknown Gilbert gem

    Hi, I just got this little Gilbert gem for a very good deal. The case is the first thing that drew me in - it has some beautiful hand painted parquetry on it. The smallness of the case was pretty unique as the clock was made with a lot of meaning. The case also had the perfect amount of...
  3. Salsagev

    Something I always come across...

    Literally had this serviced and polished not too long ago and it gifted me a “broken” spring...:banghead:
  4. Salsagev

    German Great Deal On a Rare Jacques B&D Monastery Clock

    Hi, I have decided to purchase this B&W (Bawo and Dotter) “gothic” or “beehive” mantle clock. I believe it’s a pretty rare model. I only saw a few examples on the web and here. It chimes “Trinity” on 6 gongs and Westminster on 4. According to chimeclockfan Isaac, this is a Monastery grade...
  5. Salsagev

    $ Gustav Becker 3 WT Vienna

    Hello, I’ve just bought this Vienna Regulator ($80) a few days ago. It has three weights. The first thing that I noticed was it's lack of carvings. Is that normal? I decided to post a thread here instead the Gustav Becker forum because of its issues. Then, that beat scale looks odd for this type...
  6. Salsagev

    Reguladora Wall Clock

    Hello everyone, my Reguladora wall clock just came in today in a small Toshiba box. At first glances, I noticed some small nicks and scratches. The chimes survived shipping across the border, but the case was packed(stuffed) with some bubble wrap as usual. A blue “medical pad” was also included...
  7. Salsagev

    St. Michael’s cathedral

    Hi, this is a bell tower I visited a few years ago (sometime in 18’) at Boise, Idaho. I’ve always wondered about this unusual tone of the bell. It seems like a broken westminister melody. Can anybody enlighten me? Thanks. St. Michael's Cathedral
  8. Salsagev

    American Another model 10 Herschede

    Hey everybody, I just purchased another Herschede clock because I thought it would look good in the collection. As shown in the book, it is the 2015 model with redwood panels. This model is less expensive than the other Herschede hope it wasn’t from an old tree. There are the normal cobwebs in...
  9. Salsagev

    Seth Thomas Seth Thomas steal?

    Hello, you are all problems tired of my finds lately and thinking I should stop purchasing. This clock I just had to buy because it seems (hopefully) a good deal. I will stop buying tho after situating this and many other clocks I have. Here is have a Seth Thomas regulator of some sort. The...
  10. Salsagev

    $ Simplex time clock w/rack

    Hello, today I have picked up this simplex time clock. I don’t know anything about it. It is pretty heavy duty. It dings a bell when I use the stamp thing. One question I was thinking if my Ollie baker can handle these springs. I recall reading somewhere that it’s dangerous for it. And anything...
  11. Salsagev

    $ ODO 24!!

    Hello, my odo has arrived yesterday. This clock a 24/111 (movement 24/111 type gong) ODO clock. The clock has some missing bits and pieces. The case is decorated with a “scroll work?”. Unfortunately, longest chime rod has broke. Even we had told them to secure the chime so it doesn’t break...
  12. Salsagev

    Please ID this Clock M. Mahler clock identification

    Hello, anybody here know if the clock maker “M. Mahler”? I have asked a few people in PMs but not a lot of information. I will not post pics since it is still live. Here is an overview according to new2clocks :the clock has “a Paris” on a pie crust dial along with “m. Mahler”. The movement is...
  13. Salsagev

    $ Seth Thomas square clock

    I have this large square Seth Thomas. It is in pretty poor condition but it seems to be very heavy duty compared to other clocks... and it also is 30 day which is interesting. There is a lot of dial damage. The movement is not exposed in any way. Any information and valuation? Thanks.
  14. Salsagev

    $ Unknown clock

    Hello, I have this dark wooden maybe French clock. The movement is unsigned and there I am open escapement. The seller said it’s French and it used to have a mercury pendulum but was replaced due to safety concernes. There is some splitting going on and the back glass/mirror is missing. Any...
  15. Salsagev

    American Another new haven maybe-steal

    Hello, I am creating this thread in favor of Isaac before this arrives. I have bought this new haven chime no. 5. It is being shipped right now and I hope it arrives in peaceful condition. Here is the past auction on what this is: Trafalgar Road On-Line Auction | Medley Auctions Shipping came to...
  16. Salsagev

    Please ID this Clock Herschede clock

    Hi, Today I have acquired a herschede 10 clock. Supposedly it has a chime called “cantubury”. Is this a good clock? It doesn't chime correctly because the movement seems sticky. How much is this worth? Any idea how old this is? (Bruce Linde, I hope this is better find). Thanks in advance.
  17. Salsagev

    $ New clocks for 130$ part 2

    This is the second part of my finds for 130 dollars. Please read:$ - New clocks for 130$ Part 1 . Opinions or advice is appreciated. Thanks. first 4 pics: herchede Next 3: Seth Thomas banjo Next 3: unknown mantle clock. Please identify. Next 3: weight driven Howard miller clock Next 3...
  18. Salsagev

    $ New clocks for 130$ Part 1

    Hi, I have acquired this lot for 130$. I can break this thread into two parts. I could not pass up this deal since it came with 13 clocks and 3 heavy books. How ever, there is some Korean clocks in this lot. I would like some information on some of these clocks and opinion on my best clock here...
  19. Salsagev

    $ Kienzle?

    I have acquired this German clock. It came stripped and all the pieces look present. The seller said it’s from 1968 from a wedding. There is a lot of writing on the glass which is supposed to be wedding stuff. The finial is intact and complete which I suppose is kind of rare? I looked on the...
  20. Salsagev

    French Unusual French clock

    I have looked everywhere online but could never find anything in this piece. The front dial says broux sille le Guillaume. I took the movement out and no marking at all and the movement looks out of this world. Those mainspring barrels are HUGE! Is this missing a crown and finial? This clock...
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