• Important Executive Director Announcement from the NAWCC

    The NAWCC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mr. Rory McEvoy has been named Executive Director of the NAWCC. Rory is an internationally renowned horological scholar and comes to the NAWCC with strong credentials that solidly align with our education, fundraising, and membership growth objectives. He has a postgraduate degree in the conservation and restoration of antique clocks from West Dean College, and throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to handle some of the world’s most important horological artifacts, including longitude timekeepers by Harrison, Kendall, and Mudge.

    Rory formerly worked as Curator of Horology at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, where his role included day-to-day management of research and digitization projects, writing, public speaking, conservation, convening conferences, exhibition work, and development of acquisition/disposal and collection care policies. In addition, he has worked as a horological specialist at Bonhams in London, where he cataloged and handled many rare timepieces and built important relationships with collectors, buyers, and sellers. Most recently, Rory has used his talents to share his love of horology at the university level by teaching horological theory, history, and the practical repair and making of clocks and watches at Birmingham City University.

    Rory is a British citizen and currently resides in the UK. Pre-COVID-19, Rory and his wife, Kaai, visited HQ in Columbia, Pennsylvania, where they met with staff, spent time in the Museum and Library & Research Center, and toured the area. Rory and Kaai will be relocating to the area as soon as the immigration challenges and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 permit.

    Some of you may already be familiar with Rory as he is also a well-known author and lecturer. His recent publications include the book Harrison Decoded: Towards a Perfect Pendulum Clock, which he edited with Jonathan Betts, and the article “George Graham and the Orrery” in the journal Nuncius.

    Until Rory’s relocation to the United States is complete, he will be working closely with an on-boarding team assembled by the NAWCC Board of Directors to introduce him to the opportunities and challenges before us and to ensure a smooth transition. Rory will be participating in strategic and financial planning immediately, which will allow him to hit the ground running when he arrives in Columbia

    You can read more about Rory McEvoy and this exciting announcement in the upcoming March/April issue of the Watch & Clock Bulletin.

    Please join the entire Board and staff in welcoming Rory to the NAWCC community.

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    Other Sangamo Special model 9

    looking for 19J, 21J and 23J in excellent condition
  2. D

    Other Early 16S Bunn Specials 21 and 23J

    Looking for bright-spotted and fishscale movements, either as movements or complete watches...extra clean needed
  3. D

    First Run 950B

    I can't seem to find out the serial numbers of the first run of the 950B...My watch is #S388... can someone tell me if that was produced in the first run or where I might access that info?
  4. D

    Hamilton 950

    When was its first year of production and the serial number of the first one produced?
  5. D

    Hamilton dial question

    Greetings! This is my first post in a few years and it's good to see many of the same knowledgeable and helpful folks are still here...my question is (if I attached the picture correctly) what movement was this dial used with?
  6. D

    unable to access threads

    For a couple of days now every time I try to access any thread inside Fred Hansen's list of Hamilton threads I get a page a couple of years old saying this doesn't translate to the new board...what is that about? Dennis
  7. D

    Calling all Elgin experts

    I'm trying to find out production numbers on the 16S 23J Veritas wind indicator grade 453 serial # 22,554,078...the online Elgin database only gives the number of Grade 453 watches produced (9000) which lumps in the regular 23J Veritas with the wind indicators without saying how many were...
  8. D

    Lake Erie Chapter of NAWCC watch

    I bought this Westclox Dollar watch online the other day because it was produced exclusively for the NAWCC National Convention in 1975 as you can see by the watch dial in the pic...these were given out free to all members present for that event...this one is NOS without a mark on it and comes in...
  9. D

    992B and 950B dials

    I've looked for the answers to these questions on this site and haven't found them: was Railway Special marked on every 992B dial? In other words, were there any factory assembled dials with just "Hamilton" on them on the 992B's? Also, were any factory assembled dials on 950B's just marked as...
  10. D

    Can't access some posts...help!

    For the last three days I've tried many times to access threads inside the Hamilton and Illinois sections...I get to the sections but after I click onto specific threads, I've just been getting that Internet Explorer can't access it...anyone else have that problem? Dennis
  11. D

    Waltham WI question

    I have an opportunity to buy a Vanguard 23J WI in what appears to be the original case...it's 14K solid gold OF...model 1908... serial # 22040334...can anyone tell me the production numbers for that in a 14K case? Thanks! Dennis
  12. D

    cleaning fingerprints

    I'm sure this question has been asked and answered many times here but I looked a few pages back and didn't see it so here goes: is there any way to remove stains/rust/fingerprints/spotting on the winding wheels and plates without dulling the finish and changing the demaskeening? Thanks! Dennis
  13. D

    vibrating hairspring stud

    Can anyone tell me if this watch has that? It's a Waltham Tracey Appleton co....serial #..220,028...model 1860...just need to know if it has the rare hairspring or not...thanks!! Dennis Tried to get a pic up...will try later!
  14. D

    Hamilton Dial Mystery

    My father is one of the old watchmaker trained at Bowman Tech in Lancaster PA and I found this dial among his "stuff"...he has no recollection of it and am wondering if any of you have seen one of these...I haven't...it's for an 18 size movement...thanks! Dennis
  15. D

    Speaking of Walthams...

    I just bought a Riverside Maximus in a 14K case (pic enclosed)...it came with what I believe to be with the original dial...a private label marked dial, "Bailey Banks and Biddle"...famous jewelers who began in 1832 in Philadelphia...my question is this: my father, a watchmaker, thinks I should...
  16. D

    Calling all Waltham people

    I usually collect just Illinois and Hamilton RRs but do like the high-grade wind indicators...I have an opportunity to buy a model 1908 Riverside Maximus wind indicator, a rare watch indeed but that's my question...according to the NAWCC database, 200 of these were produced and it gets 3 stars...
  17. D

    Hamilton Bakelite case

    Can it be possible or even routine that a 992B would come in a Bakelite case with a label that reads 992? The owner is pretty sure that it's been in the family since it was bought but could be mistaken...there is no outer box....thanks! Dennis
  18. D

    Elgin wind indicators

    I'm wondering if anyone has access to info that gives the production numbers for the 16S Father Time WIs and the 16S 23J Veritas WIs...in the Elgin database that I use they're included in with the non-WIs in each particular grade...thanks! Dennis
  19. D

    Fishscale demaskeening

    Will someone please post a pic of "fishscale" and a pic of "bright-spotted" demaskeening for all those on Ebay and elsewhere who keep calling everything fishscale?...Thanks! Dennis
  20. D

    Bunn Special Dial

    Were the BS 163 movements or even the slightly earlier 23J/60hr mvts ever cased in the First Model cases at the factory?...Thanks! Dennis
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