• Important Executive Director Announcement from the NAWCC

    The NAWCC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mr. Rory McEvoy has been named Executive Director of the NAWCC. Rory is an internationally renowned horological scholar and comes to the NAWCC with strong credentials that solidly align with our education, fundraising, and membership growth objectives. He has a postgraduate degree in the conservation and restoration of antique clocks from West Dean College, and throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to handle some of the world’s most important horological artifacts, including longitude timekeepers by Harrison, Kendall, and Mudge.

    Rory formerly worked as Curator of Horology at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, where his role included day-to-day management of research and digitization projects, writing, public speaking, conservation, convening conferences, exhibition work, and development of acquisition/disposal and collection care policies. In addition, he has worked as a horological specialist at Bonhams in London, where he cataloged and handled many rare timepieces and built important relationships with collectors, buyers, and sellers. Most recently, Rory has used his talents to share his love of horology at the university level by teaching horological theory, history, and the practical repair and making of clocks and watches at Birmingham City University.

    Rory is a British citizen and currently resides in the UK. Pre-COVID-19, Rory and his wife, Kaai, visited HQ in Columbia, Pennsylvania, where they met with staff, spent time in the Museum and Library & Research Center, and toured the area. Rory and Kaai will be relocating to the area as soon as the immigration challenges and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 permit.

    Some of you may already be familiar with Rory as he is also a well-known author and lecturer. His recent publications include the book Harrison Decoded: Towards a Perfect Pendulum Clock, which he edited with Jonathan Betts, and the article “George Graham and the Orrery” in the journal Nuncius.

    Until Rory’s relocation to the United States is complete, he will be working closely with an on-boarding team assembled by the NAWCC Board of Directors to introduce him to the opportunities and challenges before us and to ensure a smooth transition. Rory will be participating in strategic and financial planning immediately, which will allow him to hit the ground running when he arrives in Columbia

    You can read more about Rory McEvoy and this exciting announcement in the upcoming March/April issue of the Watch & Clock Bulletin.

    Please join the entire Board and staff in welcoming Rory to the NAWCC community.

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  1. Elliott Wolin

    Clock cleaning

    I've tried brake cleaner, carb cleaner, and electrical contact cleaner. One or more of them can stain brass, not sure this is due to removal of lacquer or something else. I usually ignore it because it's not visible, or maybe it disappears when I soak the parts in clock cleaner.
  2. Elliott Wolin


    Total amateur here, but I seem to walk away when it sort of sounds uniform and the clock seems to run forever. I suppose there might be some excessive wear or lack of running time, but all my clocks seem to run and keep time just fine. I'll look into the Android app since it sometimes takes me...
  3. Elliott Wolin

    Kienzle Box/Wall Clock - Missing Bottom Bits ( i think)

    Here are some pictures of my Kienzle box clock from about the same era (same gong, similar/same movement, similar case), hope it helps:
  4. Elliott Wolin

    Please help with identification this clock

    The pendulum bob looks the same as the one on my Kienzle box clock from the early 1900s, if that helps.
  5. Elliott Wolin

    Hermle 341-020 out of beat conundrum due to improper installation

    Thanks, I was able to adjust the crutch as Willie suggested and all is well. Actually, I'm a little embarrassed. I think I posted the same question over a year ago for a different clock and totally forgot that some crutches are adjustable (although something was nagging me in the back of my...
  6. Elliott Wolin

    Hermle 341-020 out of beat conundrum due to improper installation

    I obtained a used bracket kit-clock where the person who constructed it apparently installed the Hermle 341-020 movement slightly crooked. With the clock on a level table it sounds out of beat and stops after a few minutes. But when I raise one side of the 12" clock base about 5/16" the clock...
  7. Elliott Wolin

    Clock Stops

    Well, I'm just a beginner, but I'd wager that just removing the pendulum and reinstalling it shouldn't do anything. So it seems to me that something else happened. Perhaps you moved or tilted the clock and it's no longer in beat? Or something is now rubbing or interfering somewhere? Perhaps...
  8. Elliott Wolin

    Does this need rebushing?

    I've seen clocks run with far worse play. In one case the pivot hole was an oval whose long axis was about twice the diameter of the pivot. I.e. the pivot wore itself clean out of the original pivot hole.
  9. Elliott Wolin

    Is 19 bushings too many?

    I've written this in other posts, but as an amateur, retired as well, I have plenty of time to repair old movements and not that much money to buy new movements. Indeed I keep an eye out for old clocks that cost too much to repair professionally and often get them for very little money. The...
  10. Elliott Wolin

    Using a Reamer

    The main thing is to get an interference fit of the new bushing in the new plate hole. If by accident it isn't tight enough I've read that red Loctite works well. But if it is really loose then you have a problem (wrong reamer? too much runout?). Not sure what to do in this case, I can think...
  11. Elliott Wolin

    The future, perhaps: Chinese grandfather clocks

    I looked and don't see any 18th century longcase clocks for sale online for prices anywhere near what SuffolkM reports, maybe I should fly to the UK one day and bring a few back. If they are available in the US for such low prices, where? If auctions, there seem to be few in my area (Hampton...
  12. Elliott Wolin

    What is the longest time it has taken you to put a clock back into service?

    I'd love to come across an 18th-century clock, my oldest is 1890 or so. At my price point I'd have to be extremely lucky, I suspect such old clocks don't appear on Craigslist or FB Marketplace very often, let alone cheap.
  13. Elliott Wolin

    What is the longest time it has taken you to put a clock back into service?

    Same for me, I really like getting some old, forgotten clock working again. I have to pick-and-choose as I have no ability to manufacture parts, and don't have much money to spend on this. So I bide my time and keep looking on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for inexpensive non- or barely...
  14. Elliott Wolin

    What is the longest time it has taken you to put a clock back into service?

    I believe many of us put clocks aside to work on one day and never get to them. I have some 400-day clocks that have been sitting around for maybe two years, basically as long as I've been working on clocks. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are still put aside 20 years from now, if I...
  15. Elliott Wolin

    KWM Bushing question

    I bought bags of 50 each from Butterworth with no oil sinks (I cut my own with a chamfer cutter). I think he was clearing them out so they were pretty cheap. I think I purchased two or three bushing heights and the smallest pivot hole size for each height he had left (not always the smallest...
  16. Elliott Wolin

    KWM Bushing question

    I purchased a very limited selection of KWM bushings sizes (one pivot hole size for each plate thickness/reamer size) with small pivot holes and just broach to fit. As an amateur I don't want to spend a lot on a bushing inventory, and efficiency is not important to me (as it is to someone...
  17. Elliott Wolin

    Butterbearing questions

    I read somewhere that the reason Hermle used plated pivots was that the pivot metal was too soft and the plating fixed that (except that the plating wears off). Thus removing the plating and repolishing is a problem because the soft underlying pivot material fails prematurely.
  18. Elliott Wolin

    clock listing red flags

    I agree this thread has evolved into one concerning amusing clock advertisements, which is fine by me. And I agree a lot of the time there is no intent to defraud, it's just understandable ignorance (remember, people on this forum are way, way more knowledgable about clocks, we shouldn't mock...
  19. Elliott Wolin

    DIY Polishing Pads

    An old time machinist friend used to use maple charged with diamond polishing compound for the finest finishes (e.g. 8-16 rms on chrome plated steel). He said the abundance of pores in maple held onto the compound better than with any other wood.
  20. Elliott Wolin

    What does small lever do on 1927 Gilbert dual strike?

    Just got a 1927 Gilbert tambour clock. Works but is sluggish and needs cleaning and some rebushing (someone very carefully pinged a lot of the pivot holes instead of rebushing, very neat work, I guess this was considered acceptable to some craftsmen). Also needs a pendulum bob and case back...
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