• Important Executive Director Announcement from the NAWCC

    The NAWCC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mr. Rory McEvoy has been named Executive Director of the NAWCC. Rory is an internationally renowned horological scholar and comes to the NAWCC with strong credentials that solidly align with our education, fundraising, and membership growth objectives. He has a postgraduate degree in the conservation and restoration of antique clocks from West Dean College, and throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to handle some of the world’s most important horological artifacts, including longitude timekeepers by Harrison, Kendall, and Mudge.

    Rory formerly worked as Curator of Horology at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, where his role included day-to-day management of research and digitization projects, writing, public speaking, conservation, convening conferences, exhibition work, and development of acquisition/disposal and collection care policies. In addition, he has worked as a horological specialist at Bonhams in London, where he cataloged and handled many rare timepieces and built important relationships with collectors, buyers, and sellers. Most recently, Rory has used his talents to share his love of horology at the university level by teaching horological theory, history, and the practical repair and making of clocks and watches at Birmingham City University.

    Rory is a British citizen and currently resides in the UK. Pre-COVID-19, Rory and his wife, Kaai, visited HQ in Columbia, Pennsylvania, where they met with staff, spent time in the Museum and Library & Research Center, and toured the area. Rory and Kaai will be relocating to the area as soon as the immigration challenges and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 permit.

    Some of you may already be familiar with Rory as he is also a well-known author and lecturer. His recent publications include the book Harrison Decoded: Towards a Perfect Pendulum Clock, which he edited with Jonathan Betts, and the article “George Graham and the Orrery” in the journal Nuncius.

    Until Rory’s relocation to the United States is complete, he will be working closely with an on-boarding team assembled by the NAWCC Board of Directors to introduce him to the opportunities and challenges before us and to ensure a smooth transition. Rory will be participating in strategic and financial planning immediately, which will allow him to hit the ground running when he arrives in Columbia

    You can read more about Rory McEvoy and this exciting announcement in the upcoming March/April issue of the Watch & Clock Bulletin.

    Please join the entire Board and staff in welcoming Rory to the NAWCC community.

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  1. TJ Cornish

    A first for me - backwards deadbeat verge

    I bought this clock recently - a German tall case with a pretty nice thick-plated movement and moon phase. I bought it not running with no weights and a mismatched pendulum so I don't know how long it has been since it ran, but after cleaning and reassembly, it ran funny. Upon closer inspection...
  2. TJ Cornish

    Re-damascening a Herschede

    I picked up a Herschede Wellington 248 from somewhere in the 1970's. The clock was not in running condition. This was my first tube clock I've worked on, and actually my first 3-train clock as well. Getting the clock into running condition with Steven Conover's book wasn't terribly difficult - I...
  3. TJ Cornish

    Herschede redesigned movement?

    This thread mentions a redesigned Herschede movement right at the end of Herschede's life. I have been unable to find any other information about this. Can anyone expound further? Thanks!
  4. TJ Cornish

    Tall case resilvering - what should be silver?

    I have this very old movement - the pillars date it to ~1700-1725 I believe. I'm tempted to give resilvering a shot, but I'm not sure what parts of this would have been silvered - I presume the main chapter ring. Also the seconds ring? Date? The logo? Thanks!
  5. TJ Cornish

    Workspace size?

    I have been thinking about doing more with watch repair. I completed the NAWCC first level watch repair class last fall and was scheduled for the second part but the class has been cancelled de to Covid. I'm hoping to take it this spring when the world settles down. In the meantime, I would...
  6. TJ Cornish

    Polishing a Jeweler's regulator pendulum bob?

    The Waterbury 8 I referenced in this thread has a very tarnished pendulum. Is this a job for Simichrome? I'm familiar with the process of polishing movement plates but haven't attempted something like this yet. Is this an actual sheet of brass that will stand up to polishing or is this plated...
  7. TJ Cornish

    How the heck do you get a pinwheel movement apart?

    I picked up a Waterbury Regulator No 8 with a pinwheel movement and wanted to service it while I had the clock disassembled. I have successfully worked on a different pinwheel movement in the past and had no unusual difficulty, but this one is stumping me. The movement plates are pinned into...
  8. TJ Cornish

    What affects the volume of the escapement noise? (Gilbert Regulator No. 20)

    I have about 2.6 Gilbert No. 20 Jeweler's regulators. I have one complete one in nice shape with the lyre pendulum that I've had for a couple years, and as part of a package of stuff I bought from somebody last year, I have two movements, one case midsection, and some other stuff. The two other...
  9. TJ Cornish

    American Colonial clock runs 6 days before the weights hit the ground

    I bought this Colonial clock as part of a collector's estate. It was running OK, but the strike wasn't stopping. I went through the movement, which was very uneventful. Upon reassembly, the clock is running and striking like a champ, but I've discovered that the clock runs not quite 6 days...
  10. TJ Cornish

    Hammond fiber gear source?

    Hi all. I'm working on repairing a Hammond sealed synchronous clock and while refilling the oil, I dropped it and dented the can enough to break a tooth on the fiber gear. I have read a few old threads from years ago on people making replacement gears but I don't have any idea if any of those...
  11. TJ Cornish

    Help diagnosing deadbeat escapement

    I'm working on an Ithaca No 2 Bank. This is a two-weight time/calendar clock with a deadbeat escapement. I have gone through the movement including polishing the pivots. No bushings were required. Everything feels good - there's adequate end shake on the movement shafts, things look good to me...
  12. TJ Cornish

    Watch/clock shops near the NAWCC school?

    I signed up for the beginning pocket watch repair class at the NAWCC school in PA in September, which I'm excited about! This is enough of a jaunt for me from the frozen northland that I'm wondering what there is to see nearby so I can make a trip out of it. Are there any clock/watch shops...
  13. TJ Cornish

    "Slick 50" for mainspring lube?

    I received a recommendation to use "Slick 50" for mainspring lube. I went to the auto parts store and picked up what I presumed was meant, which is a motor oil-style container of liquid motor oil with additives that purport to make your car run better. Somewhere else I saw a reference to "Slick...
  14. TJ Cornish

    Using hot air to replace crystals

    I'm edging my way into watch repair, and an easy first step seemed to be trying crystal replacement. It seems like there are two main methods for replacing glass crystals [in pocket watches] - glue, and heat. Heat has the advantage of not leaving glue residue, but how do you heat it? Answer -...
  15. TJ Cornish

    American PW Hacked up balance screws - salvageable?

    I picked up a really nice pre-Keystone Howard Watch - perfect dial, really nice case, and even a pretty clean movement. I'm getting 360˚ of balance amplitude...and the watch is gaining 10 minutes/day. I took it to a watchmaker in the city and he took the balance wheel off to reveal this...
  16. TJ Cornish

    F. T. London split seconds chronograph

    I'm interested in this watch. F.T. London doesn't bring up very much information. Does anyone know anything about this - age, original manufacturer (if FT London is a private label), etc? Thanks in advance, TJ
  17. TJ Cornish

    C.L. Guinand chronograph

    Hello - I'm interested in this Guinand chronograph. I'm at the very bottom of the learning curve about Swiss watches in general. Does anyone know the general timeframe of this watch and/or anything else interesting like a model name/number? Thanks in advance, TJ
  18. TJ Cornish

    Where to start learning about Pateks?

    I have learned a fair bit about American watches over the last few years but I know virtually nothing about Swiss watches. I have a connection who has a number of watches for sale including a few Pateks and I would love to be able to come up to at least a functional knowledge of them to get a...
  19. TJ Cornish

    How does this bezel open?

    I'm trying to work on this watch and I am struggling to get the front bezel off to replace the crystal. The rear unscrews like usual, but I can't get the front bezel to either unscrew or to pry off with the amount of force I'm willing to put on it before I know how it's supposed to go. Anyone...
  20. TJ Cornish

    Swiss 15 minute repeater

    I picked up my first repeater this past week. It was fairly moderately priced due to not being a solid gold case and perhaps that it's a 7-jewel watch. Engraving says 1925. It seems strange to me that they made 7-jewel repeaters - this watch had to cost some money, I would have thought it...

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