• Important Executive Director Announcement from the NAWCC

    The NAWCC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Mr. Rory McEvoy has been named Executive Director of the NAWCC. Rory is an internationally renowned horological scholar and comes to the NAWCC with strong credentials that solidly align with our education, fundraising, and membership growth objectives. He has a postgraduate degree in the conservation and restoration of antique clocks from West Dean College, and throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to handle some of the world’s most important horological artifacts, including longitude timekeepers by Harrison, Kendall, and Mudge.

    Rory formerly worked as Curator of Horology at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, where his role included day-to-day management of research and digitization projects, writing, public speaking, conservation, convening conferences, exhibition work, and development of acquisition/disposal and collection care policies. In addition, he has worked as a horological specialist at Bonhams in London, where he cataloged and handled many rare timepieces and built important relationships with collectors, buyers, and sellers. Most recently, Rory has used his talents to share his love of horology at the university level by teaching horological theory, history, and the practical repair and making of clocks and watches at Birmingham City University.

    Rory is a British citizen and currently resides in the UK. Pre-COVID-19, Rory and his wife, Kaai, visited HQ in Columbia, Pennsylvania, where they met with staff, spent time in the Museum and Library & Research Center, and toured the area. Rory and Kaai will be relocating to the area as soon as the immigration challenges and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 permit.

    Some of you may already be familiar with Rory as he is also a well-known author and lecturer. His recent publications include the book Harrison Decoded: Towards a Perfect Pendulum Clock, which he edited with Jonathan Betts, and the article “George Graham and the Orrery” in the journal Nuncius.

    Until Rory’s relocation to the United States is complete, he will be working closely with an on-boarding team assembled by the NAWCC Board of Directors to introduce him to the opportunities and challenges before us and to ensure a smooth transition. Rory will be participating in strategic and financial planning immediately, which will allow him to hit the ground running when he arrives in Columbia

    You can read more about Rory McEvoy and this exciting announcement in the upcoming March/April issue of the Watch & Clock Bulletin.

    Please join the entire Board and staff in welcoming Rory to the NAWCC community.

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  1. grasshopper

    Collet Question

    I own a newer Sherline lathe and purchased a Sherline Collet set with sizes from 1/16”-5/16” which includes the draw bar and WW collet adapter to use with it. At my Club’s Mart I recently purchase five additional collets that I thought would fit my Sherline lathe, they do not. The diameter of...
  2. grasshopper

    Strike Hammer Set Up Problem

    My problem is going to be a hard one for me to explain, so I apologize in advance. I am working on an Ansonia Iron Clock. With instructions and encouragement found on this forum, I was able to successfully replace a broken tooth on the count wheel (thanks, my first tooth). But now, my problem...
  3. grasshopper

    Broken Tooth on a Count Wheel

    Hi all, Semi-newbie here…I’m working on an Ansonia (Iron case) clock. I cleaned the movement, bushed, and polished the pivots. During inspection I discovered that the count wheel was missing a tooth at one of the half-hour strike positions. When I noticed this, I searched this forum and read...
  4. grasshopper

    Adjusting Drop on a French Clock

    I have been working on a French Vincenti & Cie Crystal Regulator. It is/was in pretty bad shape. I ran it through the UC and lightly burnished the pivots. I still need to make a new hammer arm and the brass piece that holds the coil gong. I will get to those things later (hopefully), but my...
  5. grasshopper

    Brass Coil Gong holder for Crystal Regulator missing

    I recently bought a Crystal Regulator that is pretty beat up, but it seems like all the parts are there, except the small brass piece that holds the coil gong. I do have the gong and the hammer. The picture I included is of the part I need from another regulator I recently fixed. I would like to...
  6. grasshopper

    Help Replacing This Suspension Rod

    I am working on a “William Gilbert” mantel clock. The pendulum rod and suspension spring are connected in one unit and the part that holds the pendulum is shaped like a side-ward hook (See picture below). I never saw one shaped like this before and have no idea what it is called. When I...
  7. grasshopper

    Adjusting a Two Pin Gathering Pallet

    I am working on an Ansonia with B21 stamped on the back of the movement. The gathering pallet has two-pins, something which I have seen, but never worked on before. The gathering pallet keeps getting hung up so I have been trying to adjust it without success. When it hangs up I move it just a...
  8. grasshopper

    Problem Reassembling French Movement

    Semi-newbie here…I have dissembled and successfully reassembled a fair number of American movements now without a problem. I recently purchased a pretty Japy Freres Crystal Regulator. It would run for three days or so then stop, so I decided to work on it. Since this is my first French Movement...
  9. grasshopper

    Swiza Winding Question

    Semi-Newbie here, with more emphasis on Newbie than Semi. I just purchase a small Swiza Alarm Clock at an antique store. Both the alarm and time work off the same spring. I have never seen this before. Two questions…the first, I have no idea how to wind this clock. With the movement out of the...
  10. grasshopper

    What Do I Need to Use Sherline Mill for Bushings

    I want to use my Sherline 5400 Mill to install bushings, but the more I look into this the more confused I am getting. I am not sure what I need to buy. First, I have decided that I would like to use KWM reamers and KWM bushings. I read in the Sherline Mill Manual that for “precision” cutting I...
  11. grasshopper

    Need Help Identifying This clock

    First, I apologize if this is not the correct forum to post this question…I am trying to identify the clock pictured below. I purchased it at an estate sale. The case has green inlay and seems to be made of some sort of cement or plaster casting sounded by slate/marble. The movement is time...
  12. grasshopper

    Marine Deck Clock Seconds Hand stops at same spot

    I am a semi-newbie. A friend of mine asked me to look at a Seth Thomas Marine Deck Clock from the 1940’s he owns. The clock has a sweep second hand that is positioned with the hour arbor. The sweep hand runs for one minute and then stops exactly in the same spot. I have thoroughly checked and...
  13. grasshopper

    Rack Doesn't Come Off?

    Hi All, I am still pretty new to clock repair. This morning I just began to work on an Ansonia round movement with a Rack and Snail. The only markings on the movement are "Ansonia Clock Company New York USA 5 1/4. During disassembly I noticed that the "rack" seemed to be attached to its post in...
  14. grasshopper

    Stringing a Wood Clock

    Semi-newbie here…I recently picked this wood clock up at a local yard sale. I thought it would be a fun clock to get running. It needs a pendulum leader which I think I can make…but I have no idea how to string weights on this movement. There are two pulleys that drive the one train (I think). I...
  15. grasshopper

    Polish Very Small Pivots

    Semi-newbie here…How in God’s name do I polish the tiny small pivots on some of the wheels of a Waterbury Ship Bell Clock. I have a lathe, a 3 jaw chuck and a four jaw chuck (no collets). I am not sure if these pictures accurately display how small these things really are. Thanks in advance
  16. grasshopper

    Waterbury Ships Bell Clock Disassemble Question

    Semi-newbie tackling my first ship bells clock. It is a Waterbury and I have it mostly disassemble. My question is how do I remove the center pipe (I think that is the correct name) that turns the strike cam? Is the strike cam pressure fitted on? I have given it a few "firm" pushes but it...
  17. grasshopper

    Gathering Pallet Woes

    I am currently dealing with the #$%^& gathering pallet from hell. The movement I am working on belongs to a friend and is a Seth Thomas 48R. It has a loose gathering pallet that is preventing the clock from striking properly. After reading information from this forum, here is what I have tried...
  18. grasshopper

    FDR Clock Needs Hour Wheel

    I just purchased an FDR Man of the Hour Clock. When I took the movement out of the "case" I noticed that it was missing the hour wheel. I am an FDR lover (sorry about the politics) so I really want to get this clock running. Does anyone have any idea where I might purchase and hour wheel for...
  19. grasshopper

    Advice on Mill Purchase

    I'm looking for advice…I am a relative newbie. I own a Sherline lathe that I enjoy very much. I have cleaned, oiled and bushed several clocks and most recently I am working on making a hammer lever for an American Cottage clock (I'm boosting here). I do not own a bushing tool. I do bushings with...
  20. grasshopper

    Refinishing Iron Case

    Hi All…semi-newbie here. I recently purchased an iron Ansonia with an outside escapement. The case finish is in very poor shape so I did some reading on this forum and discovered that one of the ways to get the old paint off was with a razor. To test this I tried the razor on a few "flat...

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