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  1. Allan Wolff

    Servicing a Hammond Bichronous Movement

    This is my first time servicing a Hammond Bichronous electric movement. As I have found in previous threads, this one has the usual teeth missing from the fiber start wheel and the power cord is bad. It is also severely gummed up from dirt and dried oil. The backup power mainspring is very...
  2. Allan Wolff

    Conserving a Reverse Glass Painting

    Thought you might enjoy this. I have no artistic ability, but I certainly appreciate and enjoy watching those that do.
  3. Allan Wolff

    Mastercrafters Clever Quartz Conversion

    I am sometimes asked to fix Mastercrafters electric clocks. There is not much to them, but the motor often needs work and the fiber gears are difficult to find. Repair costs can easily be more than the value of the clock. While I prefer to keep the clock original, it is very tempting to...
  4. Allan Wolff

    Electronic Demagnetizer Repair

    There are several types of demagentizers available. Some work by creating a constant magnetic field. The part being demagnetized is placed near the demagnetizer and then slowly drawn away. As the magnetic field decreases as the distance from the demagnetizer increases, the magnetism of the...
  5. Allan Wolff

    Hamilton Sweep Second Hand Wanted

    Anyone have a spear-shaped sweep second hand for a Hamilton watch; Secometer-B to be specific. The tail broke off of mine. :( Click on my name to the left and select "Start a Conversation" to send me a private message if you have this part. Thanks, Allan
  6. Allan Wolff

    Telechron 6B Rack Photo Needed

    I am working on a Telechron 6B striking movement that appears to be missing a piece from the rack area indicated in the photo. It projects on each side of the rack so that one side lands on the snail and the other side rides on a steel cam to start the hour and half-hour strike. If someone can...
  7. Allan Wolff

    Older Herschede Stopworks and Moon Dial Lever

    Have an older Herschede hall clock that is missing a few parts. This clock strikes on a single gong. It was originally equipped with stopworks on the winding arbors on the back plate. Both drive wheels were removed at some point. Does anybody have a photo of what these drive wheels look...
  8. Allan Wolff

    Arduino Dividing Head - Indexer for Making Clock Wheels

    I have used an index plate to cut the wheels for my first clock projects and it has worked pretty well. Set up is fast and it has also worked great for milling square and hex patterns on the lathe. The biggest drawback is being restricted to a limited number of tooth counts. If a count is...
  9. Allan Wolff

    Building a Strasser Regulator Clock

    It has been over a year since the pinwheel skeleton clock was completed and I have been itching to get started on another project. After spending many hours digging through books and searching the internet, I finally found something that looks interesting to build with plenty of challenges to...
  10. Allan Wolff

    Merged Pinwheel Skeleton Clock threads

    Before posting the final update on the pinwheel skeleton clock, I have merged all of the previous threads into one. This will allow people to see the entire project from beginning to end without having to hunt down the next thread. For those who have been following this project, you can simply...
  11. Allan Wolff

    Clock Construction Forum

    The original "Construction of a Skeleton Clock" forum was put in place to cover the building of one particular clock. Since other clock construction projects have been discussed here as well, it was decided to open up the forum to Clock Construction in general. I have volunteered to moderate...
  12. Allan Wolff

    Source of Clockmaking Materials

    Someone asked where I purchased the material to build the pinwheel skeleton clock. Here is my list along with a few comments that might be helpful. All of these places can be found on the internet by searching for their name. McMaster-Carr Blue spring steel for the mainspring (part...
  13. Allan Wolff

    Building a Pinwheel Skeleton Clock

    This is the first installment on building a tabletop size pinwheel skeleton clock. This introduction may be a little dry, but I promise to include exciting action shots of actual clock parts being made in future updates. Since I doubt many will actually build this clock, I do not intend to...
  14. Allan Wolff

    Breakaway Crutch

    I built a movement similar to that of an ST #2 using a deadbeat escapement and a 2-pound pendulum. It has been running beautifully for the past 3 months. On one occasion, I let the weight run down to check the run time. When the clock stopped, the verge hit a tooth on the escape wheel. No...
  15. Allan Wolff

    Seth Thomas #2 Regulator Dimensions

    I am building a clock case based on the Seth Thomas #2 regulator. I have the plans from John Nelson's book "Clockmaking:18 Antique Designs for the Woodworker" There appears to be an error regarding the dimension of the outside width of the case. In some drawings it shows 9-1/2 inches wide...
  16. Allan Wolff

    Seth Thomas #2 Escape Wheel and Verge Replacement Parts

    I purchased a replacement escape wheel and cast verge for a Seth Thomas #2. The wheel is mounted on it's hub and the tooth tops are running true to within .001" without any adjustment from me. The teeth are all straight and the spacing between the teeth is constant at .131" except for one...
  17. Allan Wolff

    Pinion Wire

    In an old post to this board, there was a discussion about repairing Seth Thomas pinion leaves. The conversation also covered the availability of pinion wire suitable for clocks. Stock Drive Products carries pinion wire in a huge array of sizes, 24 to 64 DP, 6 to 60 teeth, brass or carbon...

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