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    German clock trademark

    Good afternoon, I have been repairing a cottage clock that has been in our family for over 100 years. I would love to know the maker but so far i cannot identify the trademark. Does anyone recognise it, please?
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    Seth Thomas mantel clock glass picture

    Hi, I have just bought another project clock as we are still ‘locked down’ in the UK and repairing clocks is a pleasant way to pass the time. The clock is an eight day Seth Thomas spring mantel clock with clock papers intact ( so that I know it’s not German) and has a fairly ornate case front...
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    Russian military watches

    Hi, Does anyone have any information about these watches? I bought them quite a while ago from a guy in the Ukraine but have never managed to find out anything about them. Any information would be most gratefully received
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    English Night clock information?

    Is anything known about the maker of this night clock? It is said to be American but it has no makers mark anywhere that I can see. I bought it recently despite the cracked glass dial as I was intrigued with it. There is one in Brooks Palmers ‘Treasury of American Clocks’ but it gives no...
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    $ Does anyone recognise this gothic mantel clock ?

    I have just bought another ‘project ‘ clock to work on in the dark evenings. It needs a bit of TLC but it looks rather different to the usual American or German steeple clocks. The escapement is not the usual type and it appears to have been converted to an electric alarm . The movement has no...
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    English Any information on a New Haven Clock Co ‘Gong’?

    Looking at the possibility of buying another clock as a restoration project. This one is on offer but I’ve never seen anything like it. It is big (40cm across) and has the label on the back which reads Gong New Haven Clock Co. It has a busted strike side spring but otherwise looks complete . It...
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    English Correct hands on a Welch Spontini?

    Hi everyone I just bought a Spontini from a charity shop ( thrift shop in the US?) at a very reasonable price. It all looks very original, even down to what is probably the original key . I have never seen hands like this on any American clock - are they the correct ones?
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    An aluminium front on a US Clock Co iron

    I recently bought this clock on eBay as a project to refurbish while I am in lockdown ( due to my age). The movement is original (US Clock Co 8 day alarm striking on a bell) but to my surprise, the case is made of aluminium . It is clearly a copy of the original iron case but who in their right...

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