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    Waltham A 13 A Aircraft clock

    Not sure if this site will be right for this item, but in clocks I got nothing. This is a 20-jewel balance movement used in aircraft clocks. I got one in from a customer, and I have owned one for some 60 years marked U. S. Air Force. Trying to find service literature, and specifically...
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    Waltham Aircraft Clocks

    Trying to find whatever information I can about repair and service to the Waltham aircraft clock. Specific problem on one I just got in is that the stopwatch function does not start.
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    Dickory Dockery Dock clock

    Can anyone enlighten me in establishing the position of the notch on the lifting drum?
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    Chain for Jefferson Electric Suspense Clock

    I have access to the exact bead chain to replace the stretched original drive chains on the Suspense clock, and would like to get responses to see if there is much demand. So far I know of four. Ed O'Brien Fixoclock.com
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    Electric GE mantle clock runs fast

    I disassembled and cleaned a mantle clock, lubricated it and set it up on my test stand. Overnight it gained about five minutes. Only thing missing are the hour hand and the Westminster chime hammers. The rotor is totally quiet and clock runs smoothly. Any suggestions as to why it would run...
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    Jefferson Suspense clock running fast

    These "mystery" clocks seem simple enough, so hard for me to figure one running fast. Customer says he read somewhere that the chain is the likely cause. Anyone have a better answer? If it is the beaded chain does anyone know a source? Timesavers does not have any Suspense parts. Ed O'Brien...
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    ITR slave clock power

    I have a self-winding International Time Recorder clock and want to obtain and add one or more slave clocks. The master plugs into 120VAC, and I know the coils for the self-winding system are 12-volt. How do I determine the electrical requirements for slave clocks?
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    Large Jefferson clock

    Just got in a Jefferson Electric clock with a 9-inch by 12-inch dial and a motor at the top that drives a beaded chain. Whatever is attached to the chain and carries the hands is missing. This clock just came through a major house fire. I've never seen one of these and wondering of the...
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    Internat'l Time Recorder mechanical questions

    I have a few questions with an International Time Recorder master clock movement. 1. There are two counterweights at the left side of the escape wheel. I have attempted to slightly bend the levers, but one of the counterweights seems to work its way over, making contact with the escape wheel...
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    Power for ITR Master on test stand

    I have an ITR master that I will be removing from customer's case to service and test in my shop. Have worked on SWCC (I have several) and can connect power to run them on the test stand. I need to know the proper means to power the ITR. Ed O'Brien Fixoclock
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    Large jewel needed

    I'm looking for a center jewel 2.3mm o.d. with a .9mm i.d. Ed O'Brien
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    I accessed the movement on this Hamilton 21 because it was not possible to turn the winding arbor. Chain is fully wound onto spring barrel, so the spring is apparently okay. Wondering if anyone has encountered this. My concern is that someone may have attempted to put excessive force on the...
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    Hershede Repair needed, Wisconsin

    I have a customer in Minocqua, Wisconsin whose Hershede tall case clock is chiming erratically. First problem was a continuous chiming but now has changed to erratic chiming. I'd like to put him in touch with someone in the area with Hershede experience. Ed O'Brien
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    Zenith 251NA Watch and Clock Cleaner

    I'm using Zenith 251NA cleaner in my ultrasonic system for the first time, having always used the L & R ammoniated product. I like the cleaning results but wonder if I am experiencing a problem. The solution in my tank has become very thick, like a soft gelatin. It takes several seconds for...
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    Bergeon Gear Cutter Manual

    How can a user get an operation manual for the Bergeon gear cutter? I have tried to get one from Bergeon without success. Ed O'Brien
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    Self-Winding Clock Co. movement questions

    I have acquired some Western Union clocks with the Self-Winding Clock Company movements along with extra movements and parts, and I have a couple of questions. First: I have a movement that looks like the S-W model F movement except that the cannon pinion is at the top of the movement on an...
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    Reutter Atmos help

    I have a damaged Reutter with a broken motor, and am having difficulty attempting to get one from a man in Europe who makes them. It's a combination of his health issues and difficulty in obtaining anhydrous ammonia required inside the motor. Does anyone know of a scrapped Atmos Reutter with a...
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    Help identifying movement

    I've enclosed photos of a movement just received for repair/service. Gears and bushings are brass. Pendulum leader and strike gong remind me of Black Forest. Written customer information puts the clock into the 1700s. I need to add weights and a pendulum. Dial is a large hand-painted piece...
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    Inside The ATMOS

    For those interested - active enthusiasts or horologists wanting to learn more about the JLC ATMOS, I will be presenting a program at the NAWCC Florida Mid-Winter Regional next month in Lakeland, Florida. My working title is "Inside the Atmos" and I will be using critical parts from several...
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    Ignatz Flying Ball

    Just serviced my first - an original - including replacing the thread using the original brass ball. In a 14-hour overnight test run it gained 1-1/2 hour.The thread is as long as possible, makes several wraps. Tried changing position of the top bar. Even hung a small piece of brass strap on...

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