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  1. Pete Cronos


    When will we know IF the 2021 National Convention will go as scheduled? It is scheduled for 6 months from today and some people need as much advance notice to make plans as possible. I know this depends on Covid results but when will a decision be made?
  2. Pete Cronos

    National Meeting Entry Fee

    What is the fee for tables and registration at the Door on Friday?
  3. Pete Cronos

    Watch and clock traveling workshop program

    The NAWCC Watch and Clock Traveling Workshop Program is looking for Chapters and NAWCC Members that are interested in hosting a traveling workshop class. We offer several different classes and hope that there is one that you or your chapter would like to host in your area. Additional information...
  4. Pete Cronos

    F200 - Fundamental Skills for Lathe & Clock Repair Course Part I Grapevine Texas

    This Traveling Workshop class will be Oct 20-23, 2017 in Grapevine, TX. Just a short distance from the Dallas Fort Worth area. The material in this course is a basic skill set that is continued in FSW F201. This four-day basic course prepares the student for fundamental Lathe operation and clock...
  5. Pete Cronos

    ATMOS CLOCK REPAIR CLASS Oct 2-4, 2017 Tampa FL.

    ATMOS CLOCK REPAIR CLASS. There will be an ATMOS clock repair class offered Oct 2-4, 2017 in Tampa FL. The only ATMOS clocks that will be covered is ATMOS Model 2, 519, 526 or 528, we WILL NOT be working on the model 540 or above. So please make sure that you have the correct clock. It will be...
  6. Pete Cronos

    LATHE CLASS to be held in Grapevine TX Oct 20-23, 2017 Enroll Now

    The Traveling Workshop program will be offering the F200 - Fundamental Skills for Lathe & Clock Repair Course Part I in Grapevine TX Oct 20-23, 2017. This four-day basic course prepares the student for fundamental Lathe operation and clock repair skills. Tools are made in this course that...
  7. Pete Cronos

    Classes to be offered at the 2018 NATIONAL Survey

    I am asking for members to suggest what classes that they would most likely attend it they were offered at the 2018 National in July 2018? The classes will be held in Columbia, PA. in the NAWCC classrooms. I hope to offer 3 or 4 classes. Once I receive some input we will see which classes have...
  8. Pete Cronos

    Ball watch info search

    Besides the annual price guide are there any printed material on Ball pocket watches? Looking for more details on the different grades of watches that were manufactured for Ball by Hamilton at this time but would like info on all brands and grades. Thanks
  9. Pete Cronos

    Hamilton Watch identification

    I am trying to find any info on the watch in the photos. It is a 16 size marked 23 Jewels A D Lewis Chicago ILL 1925 Has a Hamilton dial lever set at the 1 area Any info appreciated. THANKS in advance
  10. Pete Cronos

    Hamilton 950B ratchet wheel needed

    I am searching for a source to purchase a Ratchet Wheel for a Hamilton 950B. Any info appreciated. THANKS Pete
  11. Pete Cronos

    Staffing and Jeweling Class Opinions

    Looking for anyone that has taken the Staffing and Jeweling WS-410 class at NAWCC. Info on your opinion of this class and suggestions if someone should take the class. How deep does it go into staffing and jewel work and are there other resources for the same info? THANKS
  12. Pete Cronos

    Spring barrel needed for gustav becker silesia p 42 movement

    I am in need of a spring barrel with cap for a Gustav Becker Silesia P 42 movement. I measure 52.45mm outside dia. around the teeth 47.65mm outside dia. of barrel 23.13mm thick 80 teeth count THANKS Pete from Arkansas
  13. Pete Cronos

    Watchmaker Tweezer search

    I am searching for a source for a good Quality BRASS Style 5 tweezers. I would prefer Dumont but will consider other brands. Do you have any for sale or know of a source. I have checked the normal supplier but no results. Pete from Arkansas
  14. Pete Cronos

    INSURANCE on Collections

    I see the ad on the NAWCC Web page advertising a company called COLLECTIBLES INSURANCE. I also believe I remember the NAWCC endorsing this company but I could be wrong. My question is has anyone had experience with this company and what has been your experience? Has anyone filed a claim and how...
  15. Pete Cronos

    Ball watch company clocks

    I am looking for info on BALL WATCH COMPANY CLOCKS but not the wall clocks. Looking for any info or ads that may be available on the shelf and mantel clocks that have the BALL WATCH COMPANY on the dial. Thanks for any info Pete in Arkansas
  16. Pete Cronos

    Sherline microscope question

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased the new microscope for their Sherline Lathe or Mill recently? It appears that they changed the scopes that they were selling and I was wondering how the new one is working for anyone. Any info appreciated.
  17. Pete Cronos

    Watch Case Repair, Thread Repair

    I am looking for info on procedures and suggested tooling to repair the threads on a watch case and screw on backs and bezels. I would like to be able to cut new threads when necessary and rework damaged ones. Anyone out there have any suggestions on where to find info on this subject? Both...
  18. Pete Cronos

    Arkansas Razorback Regional

    Arkansas Razorback Chapter 62 will be hosting a Regional in Fort Smith ARkansas. Setup will begin Thursday afternoon around 5PM Oct 30 and the regional will end Sat Nov 1, around 2PM. Contact me at zippoman@usa.com with any questions. Pete Cronos President Arkansas Razorback Chapter 62 Regional...
  19. Pete Cronos

    Places to Visit/Things to Buy

    Its Vacation time and i will be in Atlanta Ga and Myrtle Beach SC. looking for Watch and Clock related sites to see plus places to shop. Also individuals that might have things for sale. I can be contacted at zippoman@bscn.com Thanks Pete Pete Cronos
  20. Pete Cronos

    Info on the Gene Harris Auction

    I am looking for info concerning Gene Harris auction. Wondering if anyone on here has been and what they have to say? Also how were prices on Pocket Watches in past auctions, High, Medium, Low? Thanks Pete Cronos Pete Cronos
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