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    A Cautionary Tale for Safety Deposit Box Holders

    There is an investigative story on Canadian Broadcast News (CBC.CA) about how banks have opened boxes and disposed of the contents with no notice. SERIOUSLY! I have no idea if this also happens in the US; but I will certainly talk to my banker. Australia? UK? If it is stnadard practice in...
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    Sum of the parts greater than the whole (HAM Elect. Special)

    Got this off ebay for $160; no other bidders. I mainly wanted it for the dial, but the case and movt add value as well. Case looks very good in person with no wear to the naked eye. Now I have all 3 dial signature versions. The 972 does not belong with the dial but I have a nice contemporary...
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    Moving and insurance

    In a previous thread, I think it was Jim Dubois who cautioned me about how interstate liability works (He lost a banjo clock and was paid based on its weight at around 20 cents per pound). This caused me to question three candidates very closely. They all said the total liability based on...
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    Moving shop

    Probably about $1K in bubble wrap, flooring paper, pallet film and plywood. 3 days and still some parts like jewels and mainsprings.
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    Do not know where to turn

    We just sold our home and have to choose an interstate mover. I have appointments with Arpin, United, Bekin. We will not use Mayflower because they snuck the Colts out of town in the middle of the night 40 years ago (seriously, in the dark!) This involves a move of the household plus my...
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    What not to do with a new polishing machine

    This is a somewhat important watch; not rare, but not common. It has a place in the history of Hamilton. It is in good mechanical shape but sadly, someone though to improve the plates by buffing and damaged the gilt finish.
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    Rood Obit

    I picked up his trail. 609167
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    Interesting Fahy Coin Dustproof case

    I recently acquired this Coin silver case. It is a Fahy No. 1 but is dustproof. There are two dates, 1881 and 1884 but no patent no that I can find. I cannot read the info before the years. I see no patents to Fahy in 1884 or 1881 so I am at a loss. It came with a 1907 Elgin GM Wheeler...
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    A Microscope Service Provider

    I recently decided to have all my microscopes professionally serviced. On some, the difference is noticeable, on others very little. But it at least confirms the way I have bought them. I currently use 4 AO 580 microscopes, an Olympus SF 10 and a B&L SZ7. SInce no parts required replacement...
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    Another tantalizing tidbit about Rood V Dueber

    In Greg Frauenhoff's Outline of Aurora he notes that 18 November 1889 Rood and Dueber TOGETHER visited Aurora with the purpose of preparing an offer. The story of their relationship has much yet to be told. I am increasingly inclined to think that the financial notes Rood held were in fact...
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    Which Elgin Model 8 is more important

    Not value; more important. I only have one dial and one ctr wheel jewel. So I have to make a choice. I had purchased 21 j 3 pos model 8 from 1914 as a parts movt for a 19J BWR Modl 240. Then I looked up the 412. I really have no clue; tired of looking for a dial. Scarce as hen's teeth...
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    Has anyone else noticed the drop at the auction site?

    I routinely check the auction site for both interesting pieces and to track trends. This includes a/c clocks and tools as well as pocket watches. Across the board, the offerings seem to have dropped a lot. This is especially true for hunting cases and 16 s Hamilton hunters. And things that...
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    My new (to me of course) NY Watch Fred Billings

    OK. Down the rabbit hole. Before Hamilton there was Hampden; and before Hamden there was New York. So..... Everything (excepting seconds hand) looks right on the Billings Adjusted S/N 21058. From what I am told it is 1872. I can find nothing on the case maker though. Can't even match the...
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    Hampden 15 J Railway Variants

    I have been picking up Hampden 15 J RR watches and the early 16s to analyze them. I have identified three different cock styles, the floating cap used exclusively with an overcoiled balance spring, and the plain stud; located either dead center of the balance cock or well toward the foot of the...
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    Karl's Question about tweezers

    Karl, I have found watchmakers want working solutions that are simple and quick enough to be used at the bench without a whole lot of thought and setup time. It makes it more likely we will fix things before they become an issue. I have set up the dressing station where both my wife and I can...
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    Remington Watch Company

    I am stumped by this case. It is a very light GF case but nicely ornamented. 16 size. It is marked Remington with no quality markings. I know I saw this mark somewhere but it is not in Neibling or Trademarks of Kindred Trades. Can anyone shed light on this case? Thanks.
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    Use of the Truing Calipers

    This is content that was included in another thread that got sidetracked. Some wrote me expressing concern the content would get lost in the shuffle. I repeat it here for your use and benefit. I will copy the relevant posts as separate posts so you can follow them.
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    Gins, Firearms, Sewing Machines, Bicycles, Flivvers and American Watches.

    This period of isolation has been very productive. I have been reading books on the development of precision, American Watch production, history of technology, railroads and their operation. Even on the pre inauguration plot to assassinate Lincoln. As would be expected, Hamilton’s ability to...
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    What would you do?

    I had intended to pose this before I solved it. It is not intended as a "gotcha" and I think it instructive. I ultimately did solve the problem to my satisfaction. (7 seconds across 6 positions) Ok. 992B that had no obvious abuse. Serviced it completely and assumed everything good. As an...
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    Advice to beginners?????

    A customer wants to learn how to do a basic service. I do not want to lead him down the garden path of obsolete authors and needless tools. Below is the email I sent him. If you have other things I should have considered please let me know...

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