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    Selling high end wrist watches

    if a person wanted to sell say a high-end chronograph are there any websites online that do such a thing assuming a person hated eBay ........?
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    Pocket watch storage

    For those of you that keep your watches at home vs in a safe deposit box, how do you do it? I have a 2000 pound gun safe with about 800 pounds of stuff in it, bolted to the wall, is that enough? Also what about storage, I have the cases off of eBay with pocket watch cut outs in it but the...
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    Is anyone keeping track of Hamilton 950E serial numbers?
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    waltham 1883

    what were the 18 and 19th jewel for on the 19 jewel 1883 model barrel or caps maybe? does anyone have a picture of one?
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    Hamilton question

    Does anyone know if Hamilton 940 and 941 Dials are interchangeable? Thanx
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    Page 20 of the 2018 price guide.....

    shows a waltham “railroader” dial..... can anyone tell me the correct time period for this dial and possible movement dial configurations for it? Thank you
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    Pretty cool....

    Found this in Ballard wa.
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    Dial feet position...

    can someone please tell me what model 18sz hampen has the dial feet at 14 36 and 52 minute mark. Thank you....
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    Something I’ve always wondered.....

    “C&S Watches”lists the three conditions of watches as: APB, EX-FINE and MINT. Here’s my question... can a APB watch be made MINT, or is it resigned to its fate “as found” in the junk store, pawn shop or antique store where we find most of our treasures. I know this encourages “swapping” and I...
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    Dial feet replacement

    i have a fairly rare 18 size Waltham porcelain dial I bought and after disassembley (of the watch) I found I had been scammed the feet had been removed so as to be glued on a Waltham model 83, is there anyone who can replace them either for a 83 or the original model 92, preferably on the west...
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    seiko 6139-6002 PEPSI

    Can anyone tell me how long the stem needs to be for this watch? mine broke and the replacement came extra long..... thanx!
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    Bunn special case...

    I came across my second Bunn special first model case in white gold marked "model 29" how rare are these?
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    Why don't we ever see.....

    Any 16 or 18 size solid white gold cases?
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    18sz Hamilton special

    I've done a search on these and it's a little confusing, does anybody know the total production # for these? I have a none two tone 940 (not marked as such) marked special, as is the dial, no private label simply Hamilton special in script. thanx.....
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    Ball brotherhood question....

    I answered an ad in the local flyer for a pocket watch for sale when I got to the gentleman's house he produced a 18 size ball 21 jewel pocket watch it was a brotherhood of railroad trainman watch but the barrel plate didn't match the wavy 21 jewel ball pattern as I know it is this normal...
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    Has anyone heard of soaking brass plates In ketchup to get rid of the staining ?
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    Overwound question.....

    I'm sure there is an easy answer to this but I'll ask anyways, when a watch is wound tight and not running but you put pressure on the crown turning it that last little bit and the balance takes off like a raped ape, what is the cause of this? Dirty? Mechanical? Thanx
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    16sz Elgin WI's

    Did all of these come factory cased?
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    Production numbers?.......

    Does anybody have production numbers for ball brotherhood watches? specificly 18sz hamiltons? Thanx
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    Dial question

    Is there anybody that replaces dial feet on pocket watch dials? I have a rare/unusual dial with all three feet cut off😡

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