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    Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller

    Here is another picture showing the Helium Valve. -> posts merged by system <- Rolex Service Center did go through the movement during the recent service. Here is the service confirmation.
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    Grandfathers Benrus

    I'm not a watch maker so I have no idea of how to take out the movement, but I understand what your saying. I put the watch in a safty deposit box. Perhaps one day I will take it to someone that can service it and tell me more about the movement. Thanks for your reply.
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    Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller

    Here are some before pictures. The bracelet has a hole that was used to place a Saint Christopher pendant through. Saint Christopher is known as the patron saint of travelers. I guess it was good enough for safe diving also.
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    Age of my Benrus watch

    Does anything look familiar??
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    Grandfathers Benrus

    This was my Grandfathers Benrus. It was given to me when I was 13 or 14 by my father for my birthday. I never wore the watch but I have kept it stored away safely. I don't know much about it and would appreciate some more information if possible. The serial number on it is 434374. It says ...
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    Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller

    I had lost the bezel/insert while on a dirt bike a few years ago and knew that it would be expensive to have it serviced so I waited. Back in 95' when I had it serviced they wanted to replace the bracelet and I told them I couldn't afford it so they sent it back with a watch service and new...
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    Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller

    I recently had my watch worked on in the NYC service center. I thought you all might like a peek at this model and see what all the fuss is about. It was my fathers and I have owned it since his passing in 93' and have been wearing it every since. I had it serviced in 95' in Dallas and in NYC...

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