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    Age of my Benrus watch

    Dear ulackfocus, thanks a lot, I'll be very carefull and wear this watch only on special occasions but I wind it daily to keep it functioning. Your Benrus is a true beauty and the strap matches wonderfull. Do you know the age of your Benrus/ early 50's?
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    Age of my Benrus watch

    Dear mr Sinclair, my Benrus will be serviced but that will be beginning of next year (it takes some time to find a skilled watch specialist to trus my beaty to) A soon as I have a picture of the movement I'll post it. Regards pieterpaul
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    Age of my Benrus watch

    Dear Mufit, what a beauty! According to your research my Benrus must be dated as early 50's as it lacks the innovative shock-absorber. Thanks for helping, Regards, pieterpaul
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    Age of my Benrus watch

    file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/ESCONS%7E1/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot.jpg Dear mr. Sinclair, thanks for your research. I have copied a photoof my watch from e-Bay This watch isn't rare but I regard a s nice attractive watch. According to the seller the movement is a 17 jewels movement marked as...
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    Age of my Benrus watch

    I-am very happy with my vintage Benrus day-date watch with CE13 movement. I would like to know the age of this watch The backside of the watch provides the following information: Serialnumber: 854391 US patent:2.581.268 Is there any database of Benrus serialnumbers available? Thanks for...

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