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    E. Howard Marine Clock approx. 1870

    Working on what I believe is a #69 E. Howard marine clock dating to approx. 1870. I normally work on pocket watches and don't do much clock work, but this is a time only with a platform escapement running at 16,200. After COA including removal and cleaning of mainspring I have what I consider...
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    Update email address

    I have tried repeatedly to update my email address and it says that a verification code has been sent but it appears nowhere in my email and yes I have checked junk and spam mail.
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    Meneely & Oothout

    Meneely & Oothout West Troy, NY :D:Party:
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    Site Clock

    Isn't it a bit embarrasing that the site clock is not accurate on an horology forum? The post times are totally wrong! Four hours ahead using Eastern time. Can this be corrected?
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    Fearless Watch

    Does anyone have any info on this watch? I can't find anything in Shugart. It has a white porcelain dial with Fearless on it and it has roman numerals. Seems to be a fairly low serial number. The balance cock has a nice engraved scene while the rest of the movement is very plain.
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    Hamilton 992B Parts Needed

    I recently acquired a nice Hamilton 992B US Govt. model that is unfortunately missing the entire balance cock, balance wheel, hairspring, and regulator. I have placed a parts wanted ad in the emart, but thought I would post here too. I am a newbie here so please be kind.:) If anyone has these...

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