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  1. steamer471

    Why no sales allowed on MB or NAWCC online?

    I actually saw this once at an auction, a plain mount on the wall pencil sharpener went for $400. Evidently it had sentimental value to the siblings that bid on it. Now whether they paid it is another story. I can imagine that auctioneers have to to put up with a lot of squabbling with estate...
  2. steamer471

    Got My Covid Vaccination on Monday

    I was told by our local health dept for three months after having the disease I would still test positive because of the antibodies still in my system. This may have something to do with the vaccine activating your immune responses.
  3. steamer471

    Got My Covid Vaccination on Monday

    This a strange duck. I was rear ended on the interstate Dec 22nd at 70mph in my work van and it was totaled. I did not think I was hurt and would not go to the hospital from fear of the virus. Seven days later on of my wife's co workers did not quarantine herself (as per CDC guidelines) after...
  4. steamer471

    Erratic Cuckoo Clock

    The brass filings could be from the buggered up screws. Chains look as if they are rubbing the case wood and probably from the movement being off center. With the movement off center it will probably be out of beat. Some one has really bent up the bellows lift wires and levers along with the...
  5. steamer471

    Where’s Willie?

    Welcome Back Willie!!
  6. steamer471

    Research for a novel

    I would think hidden on the strike side could wedge the weight eventually stop or prevent the weight from being wound. A lot of people can't stand the sound of a clock chiming and would continue to use it even if the strike side did not work. Even if the clock is serviced the owner may not wish...
  7. steamer471

    Top Mount Music Box Adjustment?

    No just one. Plays perfect. Has to be some way to lock it but the solution has eluded me for weeks. Couldn't run it before I took it apart. I took pictures but nothing appears to be different. Maybe a missing lock wire of some kind. I've looked for wear marks but there actually is very little...
  8. steamer471

    Top Mount Music Box Adjustment?

    It pushes the lever forward and it slides sideways about a quarter of an inch. While the perch pushes forward it lodges a pin into the governor fly to keep it from playing till the bird retracts and plays it's tune then everything resets like it's suppose to. I cannot figure out how to lock it...
  9. steamer471

    Top Mount Music Box Adjustment?

    I am having the exact same problem with an older cuckoo. I've been studying for weeks and cannot figure it out! Did you ever solve this?
  10. steamer471

    Help Adjusting Count Wheel Musical Cuckoo

    Yeah I know, no two are alike. I just can't figure out how it would lock. Thanks though at least I know it's not right.
  11. steamer471

    Help Adjusting Count Wheel Musical Cuckoo

    Thanks. I'll try but as soon as the bird retracts the wire releases the fly. Is the trip wire suppose to lock and when it's hit the second time by the flag pole release?
  12. steamer471

    Help Adjusting Count Wheel Musical Cuckoo

    I've restored this old clock I would say from the 50's. I was originally going to use it as a parts clock but as I started cleaning it up I couldn't stop. I recovered my first set of bellows (thanks to the instructions and pattern on this site) and have it working perfectly, I think. It's a one...
  13. steamer471

    2021: NewYear new clocks

    My new years resolution for the past 4 years has been "Ain't buying no more clocks!" At least I quit smoking.:emoji_pray:
  14. steamer471

    Cuckoo music box wheel timing

    Thanks shutt, grabbed the end with vice grips and was able to coax it into the proper position. Somebody could have yanked it or it wore over time. This clock was a basket case when I got it so I couldn't run it beforehand.
  15. steamer471

    Cuckoo music box wheel timing

    Thanks. Sounds good but I will study a little longer just to be sure I didn't miss something. Heat is a good idea.
  16. steamer471

    Cuckoo music box wheel timing

    Exactly my problem. If it is a tight friction fit how did it move in the first place? I tried to turn it and it's tight! I'm thinking I missed something in the set up or the solution is in front of me and I can't see it. I had to put it down before I tried to hard. :screwball:
  17. steamer471

    Looking for information- Nazi German (swiss) Pocket watch

    Are those kangaroos under the crown emblem on the case?
  18. steamer471

    Cuckoo music box wheel timing

    No set screw. The screw on the axle is for a bearing as far as I can tell. I cannot find a set screw on the wheel like the newer ones have.
  19. steamer471

    Cuckoo music box wheel timing

    I've been working on an old musical cuckoo from the forties or fifties. Had to remove the roof to get to the music mechanism. The problem is the tune plays and the lever locks the drum at the right time. The opposite end has a cam on the drive wheel that allows a lever to push the little...
  20. steamer471

    Ultrasonic cleaner help please

    I made a basket with old Zinc coated screen and it did this to a couple movements. Also aluminum does not play well. I now make sure I use only stainless containers in my machine.

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