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  1. Schatz70

    Tall case chain driven Hermle 1151-050H triple chime questions

    I'm hoping somebody here will be able to help me with two questions: 1. The suspension spring is broken and has to be replaced and I'm trying to figure out which one to order from Timesavers. Based on the dimensions of the existing spring (last photo) it looks like Timesavers #307 Hermle...
  2. Schatz70

    Seth Thomas 124 Chiming Clock Questions

    I've taken apart and reassembled several two train movements and with some trepidation am going to attempt to fix this chiming clock, my first attempt at a three train movement. What scares me the most is a) reassembly and b) the ST 124 movement from what I understand any bushing work has to be...
  3. Schatz70

    When is a Sessions mantle clock "completely restored"?

    At the beginning of this 55 second video we see the front of a beautiful Sessions black adamantine mantle clock with gold ornaments with the hands approaching 12:00 and the clock ticking away. Then he takes us around to the back, the clock strikes 19 times, and locks. Clearly the owner of this...
  4. Schatz70

    Gingerbread time/strike/calendar questions

    I'm wondering if someone can help me out in guessing when this clock was made and who made it. I bought this yesterday (December 15) from a Facebook Marketplace seller who was asking $60. I got her down to $40 which is more than I usually pay for a used clock but I really like the look of this...
  5. Schatz70

    Feelings about clock repair captured in 3 minute video

    I really like this three minute video about clock repair for both technical and emotional reasons. It shows Dorian Clair, 68, taking apart and cleaning a clock made in about 1808-1810. We get to see Dorian's shop and a bunch of his clocks and the process of taking them apart and cleaning them...
  6. Schatz70

    Sessions tambour cathedral gong clock questions

    I bought this clock from a Craigslist seller for $15 a couple days ago. It is very similar to the Sessions bim bam clock I worked on recently - both of them have count wheel strike sides, both have a passing strike for the half hour (there are two cams on the center wheel, one of which...
  7. Schatz70

    Sessions tambour bim bam clock questions

    This movement is time and strike with two chime rods. The time side runs a few seconds and then stops and the strike side works but slowly and feebly, so clearly the movement needs to be taken apart and overhauled. The back plate says Patent No 1704864. There is a date stamp on the label which...
  8. Schatz70

    Gear calculation - I'm puzzled

    I've counted the number of gear teeth and pinion leaves for each wheel of the time side of this Waterbury clock. Starting with the center wheel (minute wheel) and going out to the escape wheel, I get a calculation of 7,641 beats per hour or 127.3 beats per minute which seems reasonable. But...
  9. Schatz70

    Waterbury octagon clock questions

    Well, no wonder it won't run! I've got a broken main spring on the time side. What is the best way to remove the part that is attached to the winding arbor? I have a Webster spring winder - can I drill a hole in the end of the spring and use the hook on the spring winder? Measuring the...
  10. Schatz70

    $ Is a used chiming clock worth $450 or $10?

    It's a tale of three chiming clocks: 1) a Howard Miller clock for sale on Craigslist asking $450 (first picture), 2) a Seth Thomas clock I purchased at a store aptly named Awesome Stuff for $25 (second picture), and 3) another ST in a tambour case purchased at the same store for $10. The...
  11. Schatz70

    Latest thrift store find

    A local church has a thrift store every two weeks and once in a while, such as today, they have a half price sale. This clock was marked $9 but the lady said it was in the Treasures room and that the half price sale doesn't apply to the Treasures room, then she said I could have it for $5 and...
  12. Schatz70

    Seth Thomas tambour case - what would you do?

    I'm looking for advice from more experienced restorers on what to do. This is a Seth Thomas tambour case for a 124F chiming movement. The back of the hammer mechanism is stamped 4610 which indicates October 1946 and there is a penciled date of 4/22/47 on the bottom of the case, visible in the...
  13. Schatz70

    Seth Thomas 124 chimer in tambour case fixer upper

    I bought this clock yesterday for $10 thinking that I was going to have to completely overhaul the movement to get it working, and that this clock would be good to learn on before tackling the nicer ST 124 I have. When I got it home, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it runs and chimes...
  14. Schatz70

    Waterbury octagon clock strike getting out of sequence

    This Waterbury octagon new-to-me clock runs and strikes but the strike is intermittently jumping ahead. I have a video of it striking normally here (the strike starts about 56 seconds into the video): https://youtu.be/o33BW0T17T8 When the strike side is locked, if I manually lift the stop...
  15. Schatz70

    Replacing mainsprings in barrels

    I just watched this 34 minute video which makes a bunch of important points: He is working on a Hermle triple chime movement which would run for only 3 or 4 days instead of 8 which he diagnosed as being caused by tired, weak springs which needed replacement. My key takeaways: 1. His rule of...
  16. Schatz70

    Seth Thomas 124 mantel clock Legacy-2W Questions

    I bought this today at a second hand store. Seth Thomas B124E movement plays Westminster chimes. The back of the hammer mechanism is stamped 5012 which indicates December 1950 but the label on the inside of the back door has a date code of 5104 which would indicate April 1951 so that gives a...
  17. Schatz70

    Schatz cuckoo disassembly question

    I thought I was about finished with this project - it ran something like ten days then the time side stopped on me. I put it aside for a while, then decided to take it apart again to see if I could do a better job polishing pivots and pegging out the pivot holes to see if I can get the time...
  18. Schatz70

    Waterbury octagon clock model and date?

    Thrift store find - Waterbury octagon clock, time and strike. Oak case measures 19" tall, 12" wide, 4.5" deep. Dial is 8" diameter. Paper dial says Manufactured by Waterbury Clock Co USA. Brass key stamped "6". Black paper inside case is disintegrating, marked Waterbury clock. Round metal...
  19. Schatz70

    Can anyone ID clock maker logo on this 31 day clock?

    Thanks for any help.
  20. Schatz70

    Home brew Joe Collins spring winder for $3.99 plus junk on hand?

    I've been looking at the plans in the sticky for the Joe Collins spring winder and I'm thinking I could probably make that. I found a T-handle tap wrench on Amazon for $3.99. Here's my question - can the T handle be removed easily or is it permanently attached somehow? If it comes out easily...

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