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    Standard Electric Standard Electric Time S-1 Timer

    I have found one of these timers, which times up to a minute at 1/100 second. It seems in good shape, except that a former owner has made a mess of the wiring and all it will do is make a quiet buzz. Would anyone have a schematic or other wiring diagram? I have found some instructions on the...
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    "Clock Watcher II" Can Tho timer

    I found a "Clock Watcher II" timer made by Can Tho Instruments in San Diego. It powers up but I am not sure how to connect the leads or operate it. Does anyone else have one of these, or especially the instructions? Thanks, Steve
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    Sessions Manuals for Simplex master clocks and wall clocks and dating sheet

    don't know if the 6100 programs the same as the 6400 Master Clock, but if so, there is a manual for that on line at http://www.simplextime.com.au/uploads/files/resources/6100_program_timer.pdf 363435 363434 NOTE: the above link has been updated after simplextime changed their website around...
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    Supreme Court Master Clock Problems

    Time Gets Away From the Supreme Court Tony Mauro The National Law Journal November 03, 2009 There was an Alice in Wonderland quality to the Supreme Court Monday morning, where clocks throughout the building were off-kilter -- apparently triggered by an unsuccessful effort to turn them back...
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    Need Glass for Telechron 5F03 or 5F51

    Someone broke the glass on my Telechron 5F03 "Brandon" so I need to get the glass that fits either that clock or the similar 5F51 "Doric." If anyone has one around, please let me know. Regards, Steve
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    Repair of Minute Hand

    This is a very basic question to bring to this forum, but since I don't know the answer: I bought a clock about 75 years old in fairly rough shape. The minute hand has a plain round hole that attaches with a press-fit onto the outside of a round brass hollow tube. The second hand installs...
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    Ingenious IBM Slave

    See the IBM clock at ebay Item number: 140170863165. It looks like yet another mechanical modification with a Telechron motor to make a slave keep time without an impulse - but this one is elaborate, with a cam, second hand, etc. Is it an early synchronous model?
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    Crudest Master Clock

    I bought an old wooden Standard slave and found inside it a very crude "master clock" which probably worked at one time. A former owner had installed a battery quartz movement with a piece of spring steel (like stiff stainless steel wire) for a second hand. From a block of wood extended another...
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    SWCC Bracket Clock

    A friend of mine (who collects various things like porcelain but not clocks) has acquired an SWCC clock that I have not seen before and is not in American Clocks. What a great thing to run across in a thrift store! Can the experts tell me what this is? It is a bracket clock in a mahogany case...
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    SWCC Bracket Clock

    A friend of mine (who collects various things like porcelain but not clocks) has acquired an SWCC clock that I have not seen before and is not in American Clocks. What a great thing to run across in a thrift store! Can the experts tell me what this is? It is a bracket clock in a mahogany case...
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    Herman Miller Clock

    Have a look at the clock and movement shown at eBay 130159591603. It appears electric but I'm curious and don't know what it is.
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    Self Winding Clock

    Could the experts provide me a little guidance about my "new" Self Winding Clock, a little different from the other I have. It looks like a 120 beat typical wall clock with seconds bit, in a mahogany square case, 14" dial. Inside, though, I can see that it had no batteries. The nameplate reads...
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    Self Winding Clock

    Experts on SWCC, please tell me about the clock I bought today at the flea market for $150, how it might have been used and if there is anything to be careful about. It is a fairly small 120 beat SWCC wall clock with a 10" dial with seconds bit, in a rectangular wood case. The case is locked...
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    Revere Chime and Telechron Master Clock Info Source

    In looking for Revere information I found that the Abbey Clock clinic page abbeyclock.com has much historical and practical information on Herschede and Revere self-winding and electric chiming clocks. The real gem - if you look carefully though various sections you can also find the only...
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    Chelsea "Elechronometer" electric table clock

    I have one of these clocks, probably from the 60s. This is the clock with the movement in a round brass case, domed rather than flat at the back, surrounded by a round, solid plastic piece shaped about like a small discus with a hole for the movement (and came in various colors). It is noisy...
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    Time Synchronization

    This is off the topic of early electrics but I mention it because I know many members have interest in time synchronization with master clocks, etc. The Symmetricom company makes available two "freeware" programs to synchronize your computer clock with time servers and to check the time sync...
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    Simplex Master

    For the members who have indicated interest - there is a 6400 Time Control Center, with an impulse board accessory, available on eBay. (I am not the seller and I do not have any interest in the sale.) Regards, Steve
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    McClintock Master Clock - diagrams needed

    Would anyone have a wiring diagram (or detailed descriptions of the wiring) for an O.B. McClintock master clock? I have one and it is working fine mechanically, but I do not know the circuitry, especially for ringing the remote hour strike and Westminster chimes, or the voltage(s) that were...
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    Rittenhouse 24v electric clock

    I believe this is actually a doorbell with an electric clock built in. Nutone made some similar ones that are more common.
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    Telechron U.S. Navy Clocks

    I have two Telechron 120v electric clocks, one dated 1935, that according to an information plate were made for the US Navy, perhaps for use on ships, though they could have been for industrial use. They seem fairly rare (I know of two others)and no one I have asked has any knowledge of them at...

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