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    Early Canadian (Datable) Clock

    This is a half column 8 day American clock manufactured by Seth Thomas for a Canadian dealer B.B. Bartlett of Augusta. Usually we can figure out a general period where clocks were made based on style etc. but this one is unusual in that the seller is noted as being in Canada West. In 1841, the...
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    Sterling Dial Pocket Watch - to Restore or Not Restore?

    Generally speaking, a tremendous amount of damage and loss of value takes place with antiques, including timepieces, due to inept or misguided restoration attempts. I have a watch from the 1870s that came down in my family, so will never be sold, so value isn't my primary purpose. Because the...
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    Electric Store Display Clock

    I have had this Girard Perregaux store clock for many years. I bought it missing the power supply and am not sure whether it is an AC or DC clock. The only indication is a stencilled '24V on the back. It is a large 17" diameter clock and I would like to use it. Does anyone know what sort of...
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    Sales Demonstration Movements

    I've seen several demo movements, usually contained between two lenticular pieces of glass held together with a metal rim. One I had is a late 1950s early 1960s Girard Perregaux Gyromatic as pictured, although the pics are from an ebay auction (mine is identical). I was wondering how common...
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    Brass Face Long Case Spandrels - Real or Copied?

    In the 'old days' it was quite hard to find replacement parts for long case clocks that were correct period pieces unless you happened to live in Britain or had a good connection with someone there. When I was missing a set of spandrels I used to take one from another clock I owned that was...
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    Dating an Early 18th Century Single Hand Long Case

    I bought this clock several months ago from a friend. The friend is in his mid 80s and his son has no interest in it at all, sadly. The clock's story was that it had been acquired by my friend's father in England in the 1940s, right before they immigrated to South Africa in the 1950s. He was a...
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    Another 18th Century Puzzle

    I always find acquiring an antique clock the beginning of a detective investigation to try and determine what was original, what was later modified and why, and the origins of the particular clock. I have one that someone here might be able to aid me with - it is an 18th century long case from...
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    18th Century Long Case Puzzle

    I recently picked up a caddy top long case only about 74" high by Thomas Dicker of Silchester whose career in Silchester spanned 1736-1757. It is a two handed 30 hour birdcage movement, but what is a little puzzling is that it has a correct 10" dial, engraved in the centre, with 4 divisions...

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