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  1. Lee Passarella

    Knowing if a case is original to the watch

    This is a dumb question, I know. But I always read that you can tell if the case is original to the watch if you see extra screw marks. I'm not sure what this means or what it looks like. Could somebody please explain or, preferably, explain and illustrate? Thanks.
  2. Lee Passarella

    Watch hands for keywinds

    Anybody know where (and if) you can get hands for a Cornell Co. key-set watch? I need the hour hand.
  3. Lee Passarella

    Another ebay frustration

    Just got another bomb from an ebay seller. Seller reported that he tested the watch, and it ran for 20 hours in his presence . It doesn't like me. It didn't run for a single second when I received it today in the mail. I'm done with ebay, and since most individual sellers' websites gouge the...
  4. Lee Passarella

    modern-day salesman's cases

    There is a feller on eBay who sells watches in modern-day salesman's cases that, I assume, are produced by him or a proxy. I believe this listing is not by the guy I'm referring to, but I'd like to know: anybody else aware of the watch/case combos I'm talking about? Wouldn't seasoned buyers...
  5. Lee Passarella

    Anybody having more trouble than usual ordering watches on ebay?

    Maybe I'm suffering from false nostalgia, but I've had some fairly lousy experiences lately ordering from ebay. The sellers swear that the watches are functioning, but in one case the wheel train was all messed up and needed a major overhaul. I got a partial refund for that jobbie. Had to return...
  6. Lee Passarella

    Help Novice question: Second hand fell off my watch. How do I get back on?

    This is not my week. First, I received a watch in the mail that is obviously magnetized. Gaining about an hour in 24. Today, I got another watch whose minutes hand had fallen off in shipping. (I'm so flustered that my title states that the seconds hand fell off.) The hand was just sitting there...
  7. Lee Passarella

    So, can a case be marked 14K and not be 14K?

    I just saw an old thread about supposedly 14K gold cases (this one was an Essex). There was a lively discussion on the thread about cases that are marked 14K but are only 14K gold-filled and not solid gold. There was also a caveat about paying solid-gold prices for gold fill. Now, I got my watch...
  8. Lee Passarella

    Roman-numeral dial on a high-grade railroad watch--why?

    I've run across a watch on the internet that looks like an excellent buy. It's a 23-jewel RR-grade watch in a fairly fancy gold-plated case. The dial has Roman rather than Arabic numerals. It seems to be a genuine dial from the manufacturer, and I assume it is original to the watch. Or is it? I...
  9. Lee Passarella

    Grunge/Rust/Tarnish: What and how much should you remove?

    OK. On another thread, musicguy suggested I start a thread asking this question. Collectors are wary about removing what they would call patina from a case. Does that hold true for movements as well? And what constitutes patina as opposed to something else that really should be removed (rust...
  10. Lee Passarella

    Why the silence of some sellers on ebay?

    OK, well actually, it's the silence of one specific seller I'm wondering about. I'll explain. I recently bought a watch from a seller who does not take returns. The item description indicated that the watch both runs and keeps time. Well, it runs like a champ, but the hour and minute hands don't...
  11. Lee Passarella

    E. Howard & Co. watches - any good sources of info available?

    Whenever I consult the PW Database, I read that there is little information on Howard watches, so the site lists only a range of possible production dates and no sales information. This means, short of some other sources of info, it's close to impossible to gauge the worth of a Howard watch. I'm...
  12. Lee Passarella

    Replacing a watch case: some questions

    Knowing next to nothing about this subject, I wonder if just about any case that is suited to a certain type of watch could house it properly. Specifically, if I have an 18s, SW/LS watch with a hunter configuration, could I buy just any old case that matches those specifications, and it would...
  13. Lee Passarella

    Watch Case for a Rockford Model 6

    I have a 15 Ruby Jewel Rockford Model 6 from around 1883. The case I have is not contemporary with the watch and is a pain to use. I'd like to replace it with something more suitable. Does anybody have a suitable case they'd like to part with? Or at least could somebody suggest what I should be...
  14. Lee Passarella

    Stem-wind watch not setting: Is this a big fix?

    I recently bought a stem-wind 1910 Elgin pocket watch that I want to hold on to. It runs, but when I wind it, there is a "rachet" effect, the winding stem slipping after a couple of turns. More importantly, I can't set the watch, which is a pretty basic requirement of a functioning watch. Since...
  15. Lee Passarella

    Key-wind watch case - how to fix the stem

    I dropped a key-wind watch from a small height. No damage to the watch, but the bow pulled out of the stem. I put it back in, but when I did, a tiny metal pin fell out. That apparently fits through the top that is used to pop the case open. It seems to fit through a little hole in the shaft of...
  16. Lee Passarella

    Getting harder to find true watchmakers. Any leads?

    I know that folks in this forum have favorite watchmakers and fixers that they use, and I've availed myself of one that has been very reliable. I'm in the Atlanta area, and you can pretty much forget about getting good and competitively priced service here. Could you please tell me who you turn...
  17. Lee Passarella

    Rockford F/S indicator woes

    I don't even know what I'm dealing with, so I've included a picture. I just got an 1800s Rockford that has been running 10 minutes fast. A watch guy tried to get it to keep time yesterday, but he really didn't do much and maybe it's running 8 or 9 minutes fast now. He seemed to tinker with the...
  18. Lee Passarella

    Can't open salesman's display watch case

    Boy, I hope somebody can help me, but I don't see how off the bat. I just got this watch, which is in a replacement Hamilton salesman's display case. I can turn the case back, but it just keeps going round and round without coming off. The front is a different story. It doesn't budge a...
  19. Lee Passarella

    What Started It All for You?

    I was attracted by a recent thread about what started a collector's interest in pocket watches--in this case, an heirloom Waltham Vanguard passed down from his great-grandfather. As good an entrée to the hobby/habit/fetish as I can think of! But what started your interest in collecting?
  20. Lee Passarella

    M J Tobias--approx. what year?

    I just fired up, for the first time, an M J Tobias watch that I'd bought a couple of years ago, and--surprise, it runs and is keeping pretty good time. Is there a database or other information on Tobias watches? Can anyone tell me an approximate date of manufacture? The serial number on the case...

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