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    Not a Eureka, a United Clock Company Animated Clock

    So a couple of posts about United and Sessions today made me take this off the shelf and get it running again. it's a Eureka-alike clock from United. Probably dates form the fifties. Considering these were cheap clocks, the engineering strikes me as being special. The synchronous motor, which...
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    Jaeger Car Clock

    I picked up a very nice Deco car clock at a flea market. My plan is to make it into a desk clock. It's 6 volts, and it's made by Jaeger. The numbers are cut out of the bezel ring, revealing a thin yellow catalan insert which is lit from behind. It's really going to make a gorgeous display. Some...
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    IBM International Slave: what sort of pulse?

    I picked up an International slave today. I'm not sure what sort of pulse this requires. It has three wires and two coils. I suspect it requires alternating polarity, but I'm not at all sure how to wire it or what to drive it with.
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    How to remove Standard pilot clock

    I've tried this in electrical horology, but no success. Does anyone know how to release the pilot clocks on a Standard Electric AR? I'm currently repairing an example with three pilots. it has severe water damage to the case, and I'd like to remove all the mechanicals before I tackle the veneer...
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    Standard Electric Disassembling a Standard Electric AR

    I need to remove the mechanisms from a Standard AR in order to make repairs to the case. I'm wondering if there's a trick to removing the pilot clocks? I see each of them has three tiny screws, which I assume hold the bezel in place. What I'm unsure of is how to remove the setting stem. It...
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    Miniature Waterbury Drop Octagon

    This little fella appears to be someone's home project. It was unfinished when I found it in a flea market, and had no glass. The movement is a Waturbury 8 day balance wheel, probably from a desk clock. It's all of ten inches high. I'd say it was great work for a home project, not so good if it...
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    Seth Thomas Chime/Silent Mechanism

    I'm finishing up a 124 Westminster chime clock. It has a chime/silent selector, but it's not clear to me how it's activated. Mine isn't quite ready for the case, the photo is generic. The shaft doesn't really extend through the face, nor is there a hand or knob. It's round, so it isn't set with...
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    Crutch Wire Replacement

    This should be easy, but I can't seem to get it done. I'm trying to replace the crutch wire on a Gilbert movement. I'm not sure what the best way would be to remove the stub, nor am I sure how to secure the replacement. The original is riveted on one side, but I'm not sure what was done on the...
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    Old book, free to good home

    I have an old Australian book on electric clocks. I just don't have any place for it on my shelf. It's too worn to sell, so it's a dilemma. If anyone is interested, it's free to the first responder. Just PM me with your mailing address.
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    Seth Thomas #10 escape wheel

    I'm looking for an escape wheel for a Seth Thomas #10. This is a balance wheel movement used in ship's clocks.
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    Waterbury electric with reserve

    I'm attaching some photos of my latest flea market find. It's a simple Waterbury wall clock. It's square, about 10" on a side. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary balance wheel clock, but there's no wind hole. In fact, it's powered with a small A/C motor. I have to order a line cord, so I...
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    Need calendar wheel for double dial New Haven "Rutland"

    The calendar wheel is about 2" in diameter. Even a photo would help, as I can't even make a replica without some idea of how the teeth are shaped.
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    New Haven Calendar Dial photo request

    I'm currently working on an 1880's New Haven double dial calendar clock. The movement is restorable, but when I pulled the calendar face, it seems like something, maybe a few things, are missing. At the very least, I need a detent wheel of some sort. I'm hoping someone out there has a clock with...
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    Any sources for cloth wrapped wire?

    I'm rewiring an old Simplex school bell master. The wiring is black cloth over rubber. Is there any source for this material, or something similar?
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    Glass and Bezel: Gilbert Admiral

    I am trying to solve a problem with the bezel of a nice Gilbert Admiral. As received, the dogs that hold down the glass are about 1/4" away from the glass. I'm not sure if I just bend them down to hold the glass in place, or whether there's some sort of gasket or spacer missing. It's also...
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    Need some help...Standard electric slave

    Brought this one home today. I'd like to open the face so that I can clean it up. I'm not sure how this case comes apart. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Grand Central Station NY

    I happened to be in GCT yesterday. As we know, it has a marvelous collection of operational SWCC clocks. Somehow, I had never noticed this one. It's a double dial slave, more than three feet on a side! Enjoy.
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    New Ingraham

    I picked up a nice Ingrahm calendar at an estate sale. I paid all of $25, amazing. It need just a little bit of work...I need to strip & finish (it's painted with latex paint). I need to clean and overhaul the movement (one worn bushing). And I need a pendulum. Which brings me to a question...
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    Removing alkyd paint

    I'm doing a very nice E Howard slave clock at the moment. The front of the clock is oak, although I suspect the main case is pine or fruitwood. It has a nicely patinated original finish, which appears to be some sort of clear shellac-based finish. I'd like to keep this finish as is, the problem...
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    Lubrication for E Howard Slave

    I'm working on a Howard slave clock, and I'm wondering what the thinking is on lubrication for the ratchet mechanism. Do I use clock oil? Grease? Or do I leave it dry?

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