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  1. andrewshane

    World War II US Army Air Corps LeCoultre Weems A-11 cal 450

    I just picked this up for my collection from an estate. Circa 1942 LeCoultre Weems A-11 US Army Air Corps Pilot's watch. It has a 450 cal movement. Since there doesn't seem to be more than a very few examples with photos out there on the net, I thought I'd share this one with the board. It's...
  2. andrewshane

    Large Seth Thomas Marble Mantle Clock

    Hello members! I'm usually posting on the wristwatch boards, but I think I finally found a clock worthy of the clock board. I purchased this massive marble mantle clock at an estate tag sale last weekend. The dial measures 12 1/4" diameter. The base is 21 5/8" long x 6" deep. The entire...
  3. andrewshane

    1940's Cartier Chronograph w/ LeCoultre Movement

    Hey guys. I just got a chance to view this watch today and may have a chance to purchase it. I'm a little skeptical because I cannot find another example anywhere in the net or any of my books that is the same. I do find another 1940's 3 register chrono by LeCoultre, but none with a Cartier...
  4. andrewshane

    Help With Unsigned Ebauche Movement

    Good evening members. I have recently purchased this private labeled watch. Although the jeweler is an American maker, I think the movement may be Swiss which is why I posted it here. C.L. Byrd of Memphis, Tennessee was known to retail Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet pocket watches with...
  5. andrewshane

    Movado Datron HS 360

    I just purchased a Movado Datron HS 360 with the Zenith movement. It's a very large heavy watch. I love it. I've been looking for one for years and finally found one I was willing to pay the asking price for. Does anyone know if this came with a stainless bracelet or a rubber strap or were...
  6. andrewshane

    Help ID'ing Rolex Movement

    I came across this vintage Rolex movement, but have not been able to ID it. I do not have an exhaustive Rolex guide so I would appreciate any help on it. Thanks guys. Andrew
  7. andrewshane

    Illinois Wristwatch Question

    Hello all. I just picked up this late 20's Illinois watch. It has the original box and price tag too. The case is a 618 by J. Milhening and is 14k gold filled. No wear through. The movement is a 605. It is not running, but looks to need just a good cleaning. Balance wheel moves freely...
  8. andrewshane

    French Carriage Clock Hour Repeater w/ Alarm Maker?

    Hey guys. I just picked up this nice little French carriage clock recently. It is a hour repeater with alarm. I'm assuming it is French, but it is unsigned. Does anyone recognize the movement? Could there be a signature on the front of the movement? I know there were a lot of these, but I...
  9. andrewshane

    Junghans 88 Chrono 2 Function Lever Needed

    I posted this on the eMart too, but thought maybe someone here could direct me to a good source. I have a Junghans 88 Chronograph and I need a 8220 Hammer MTD 2 Function Lever. Bestfit's number is x5061 but they do not have it. My watchmaker says he can make one but we would both rather have...
  10. andrewshane

    Rolex 14k 6085 Dial Question

    I have an opportunity to purchase this watch. My question is, do you think the dial is original? I've seen many of these 6085's before, but never with a textured dial like this one. I apologize for the poor photography. The dial is mint and it is textured with checks like a checkerboard...
  11. andrewshane

    1940's Breitling Chrono w/ Venus 170

    I have a 1940's Breitling chronograph with a Venus 170 movement. The dial is the only thing marked Breitling. I don't have a photo of the movement as it is at my watchmaker's place right now. I've seen a few 40's era 170's chronos like this, with a signed dial but the movement and case are...
  12. andrewshane

    1969 Bulova w/ unique lugs-Info?

    Hey guys. I just picked up this neat 1969 stainless cased Bulova today in a flea market. After a much needed cleaning of the case and tightening of the winding wheel, it is running perfectly. I've personally not seen this model before. The lugs are removable when the screw off back is...
  13. andrewshane

    Question About Gruen Veri-Thin 14k & 18k Case

    I ran across a Gruen Veri-Thin pocket watch today cased in a marked Gruen case. The outer cover and bezel were two tone 18k. The bezel and outer rim of the cover were yellow gold and the center of the cover was white gold. What I mean by that cover is it looks like a yellow gold "bezel" with...
  14. andrewshane

    Scottish Grandfather Weight Placement

    Hello guys. I just bought this Scottish grandfather. When I brought it home I forgot to note what the weight placement was. This is only my second GF so I don't know too much about them. Can anyone help? Thanks. Enjoy the pics. I love the hunt scene. The previous owner tinkered with...
  15. andrewshane

    Swiss Pocket Watch Movement Repeater Question

    I just purchased this interesting watch/clock. I posted it here because it is a pocket watch movement, but it is in a shelf type case. It is not signed. It is running but not striking. It is cased in a very heavy gun type metal. It has two hammers. Front crystal and hands are missing. Can...
  16. andrewshane

    Rolex President 1802 Question

    I just purchased an 18k Rolex President 1802 with a 1556 movement circa 1973. I noticed when I removed the back that it is stamped 1803 on the inside of the cover but the case is stamped 1802 between the lugs. Is this a replacement back or was this common during transition from the 1802 to the...
  17. andrewshane

    Omega Watch Model by Serial Number?

    Hey guys. Is there an online reference to determine the model of an Omega wristwatch by the serial number? I haven't seen the watch, but a lady called me about one and said the serial number was 10579312. She said she has the original sales receipt and certificate of origin dated 1946. Can...
  18. andrewshane

    Hyde & Sons London Paris Pocket Watch (Question on hallmark)

    I picked up another great watch today. It is an English watch by Hyde & Sons. It works perfectly. I'm astounded at the detail on the dial. It is truly amazing. The case appears to be solid gold, however I do not recognize the hallmark and cannot find it anywhere in any of my books. It is both on...
  19. andrewshane

    Gallet Decimal Cronograph (Bracelet?)

    If I haven't already stated so on the forum before, my favorite watches are stainless cased chronographs. One of my absolute favorites to wear is this 37.5mm Gallet Decimal. I've been looking for some time for an original stainless bracelet to match. However, I've not only not found one, I've...
  20. andrewshane

    Weight Driven Banjo Willard Style?

    Last question for the day from me guys. I also picked this one up at the same auction as the Terry I just posted. I didn't get a deal on this one cause it was a STEAL! This one is running strong. I can't find a maker's mark on the movement. I don't know these clocks very well so I'm needing a...

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