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  1. Luca

    Conflicting or Odd Marks on a Star Watch Case holding a South Bend Studebaker

    When I originally got this watch I didn't notice the weird overlay of marks found on the inside of the case back. You have "14kt. Gold Filled" But then if you look a little more carefully you see a sunken 14k above in an oval and then another 14k stamped right across the curved 'Watch' in Star...
  2. Luca

    Lathe tool or movement holder or?

    Wondering what this is. Appears to be for holding something - but no idea what. Not 100% sure it is watch repair related.
  3. Luca

    Kind of odd Howard Model 1905 Series 2

    Not sure what to make of this watch - not an expert on these. But it seems like it has elements of Series 2 but has some markings that seem inconsistent. Marked No. 9 and also Adjusted to 3 positions. This is in a 14k solid gold original case. Comments? Luca
  4. Luca

    Marv-L clock mainspring winder

    I came into one of these Marv-L winders - I think Model B. If i read it right. Are these good winders? Hard to find? The little info I can find suggests these were made by a collector awhile back. Info would be great.
  5. Luca

    Anyone recognize this maker mark? P. J...

    This is from the pillar plate of a high grade cylinder movement which is housed in an ornate 18k case. It's a beautiful watch but I'm trying to figure out who made the movement. Any ideas? P. J with some other small symbol. Luca
  6. Luca

    Are these pieces for watch repair or something altogether different?

    No idea what these are. All numbered. All the edges are different. For a lathe? Hope someone can help! Luca
  7. Luca

    Bent or out of round hairspring - fix?

    This hairspring has an issue as seen - where it would go through regulator pins and then on to the stud. Difficult to straighten out? It is from an older chronograph movement - wristwatch size. When in the watch it is not centered and the hairspring seems pushed more to one side. Thanks for any...
  8. Luca

    This Seamaster is driving me crazy...

    I believe this movement comes out the back of the case (judging from others I've messed with). But this thing won't budge. I've gotten case screws out. I've tried pushing on both sides and wiggling it or turning it. Nothing! Anyone else have this happen? Ideas? Luca
  9. Luca

    Removing these chronograph pushers

    Not familiar with this setup. These pushers are stiff and I want to take them apart and clean. Anyone familiar with how to disassemble? Thanks, Luca
  10. Luca

    Won a Zenith 18k pocket watch from Coach House Auction in Canada - BUT THEN...

    I won a Zenith 18k pocket watch from Coach House Auction in Canada for 425 CAD. On I was excited. Then the owner of the auction house called me and said he couldn't sell it to me for that but I could have it for 1400 CAD. I said no. What do you members feel about that kind of...
  11. Luca

    Coin key wind case question

    This keywind case is missing the crown or button. I believe it must have had a faux crown - one that looked like a winding crown but was really only used to open the front cover. Here are some pics. Anyone know how the crown/pusher would have been held in the pendant? Utilizing the bow ends...
  12. Luca

    Yet another "what are these tools for" thread

    Hi, I have these 2 tools that perhaps are meant to work together or are part of a set? They both have Pat. 1900. One also has a number 560. Not sure if they are clock or watch repair related but were found with other tools related to watch/clock repair.
  13. Luca

    Anyone recognize this case mark?

    I've been looking through reference material but no luck so far.
  14. Luca

    American PW e howard VII N size escape wheel & pinion question

    Anyone know whether it matters if an escape wheel with pinion for an E. Howard VII movement could come from other N size (18s) variants such as IV, VIII and so forth? Luca
  15. Luca

    Anyone recognize this case mark?

    I believe an eagle? With a 14k mark. Luca
  16. Luca

    Center wheel on repeater is roating as watch ticks but center arbor or pinion does no

    So it appears that the center wheel on a quarter repeater is moving as this watch ticks but I don't see cannon pinion or center arbor turning at all and the hands do not move (aside from the second hand which is driven off the 4th wheel). Is this a case of the center wheel needing to be put...
  17. Luca

    I'm not sure how to get the back off this watch - 2 opposite hinges - help!

    I don't want to start prying at this and damage it - already someone has bent a bit of the metal on edges of the back. Anyone familiar with Duoplans and how they open up? Luca
  18. Luca

    Mechanical WW Freaking out - almost instantaneous rust on steel parts of disassembled movement??!!!

    What the ****? How does this happen? I took a movement apart and put individual parts in tins for later clean and re-assemble. Haven't had the time to work on this and took a brief glance at the parts today - after 2 or 3 weeks the steel parts are rusted when they were perfect when disassembled...
  19. Luca

    Elgin 16 size chronograph pocket watch --- seen anything like this before?

    Interesting. Not signed but looks like it is based off the Model 3 movement. Serial no. 741095 on pillar plate and underside of balance cock. I haven't taken it apart to look for other numbers (afraid I wouldn't be able to put it back together again). I show another movement for comparison...
  20. Luca

    18k awco fitch's patent case apr 22 1879 crown question - pics!

    The pocket watch below - the crown does not screw down like others (Fitch patent cases) I have seen (and the design looks different). I don't see threads - the crown can be pulled out as pictured and it seems like it has a spring attached as it pulls back down tight to the pendant when you...

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