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    Waltham 8-Day Chronometer Watches Mysteries

    I have a traditional Marine Chronometer as well as what is likely the best mechanical chronometer ever, a Hamilton Model 22 (complete with interesting history and provenance) but it's the Waltham that fascinates me most. I think that's because there is surprisingly little detailed information on...
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    Waltham Patent Compensating Balance (Woerd)

    More or less happened upon this patent whilst searching for others and wondered if/when it was actually used? The design is by Charles Woerd (US pat#203976, dated May 21st, 1878) and it sure seemed like a shrewd technical treatment of issues with heat and cold compensation "in the day". The...
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    Differences between Waltham Colonial B and Colonial R?

    After spending too much time trying to find out on the web and elsewhere - I surrender! Can someone/anyone tell me of the significant differences between these two late models? As near as I can tell, it's the balance. The R-model has Waltham's Conel/monometalic balance. The late-version of the...
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    Rare and Scarce - Update Definition?

    I understand the common use definition for rare, scarce, common, etc. What I wonder is whether decades or even centuries later, those terms aren't more or less irrelevant? I've read threads on this forum that talk about total production of a given watch, then exclaim there are only "X' known...
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    Why are pocket watch cases refered to as "4oz, 6oz, 8oz" and so on?

    These terms are confusing, yet common "currency" when discussing pocket watch cases. The "ounce" rating seems disconnected from any actual weight or even dimension. Is it supposed to be a reference to precious metal content/percentage - "ounces" of what - silver, gold, lead, tin, unobtainium...
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    Ball-Illinois 60-hour?

    First, is an Illinois model 11 fitted with a 60-hour mainspring? Second, since a Ball-Illinois model 810 is essentially an 11...does it follow it would be a 60-hour watch also? The Ball-Illinois is not marked as such, so its a bit of a mystery (to me anyway). BTW, is there a way to identify...
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    The End Of 18-size Production?

    Please - corrections are welcome! So far, as near as I can tell, here are the "stats" for the last production of the 18-size watches from each manufacturer. Missing stats for Hampden (and others) so any help in the accurate completion of this list is appreciated! (Posting examples that are at or...
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    "Marked" watch patents - for what feature?

    This subject seems to get short shrift., but to me it's of great interest. Unless it really mattered, why would patented features be noted/highlighted by marking such on the movement of a watch? Yet, very little specific, useful information seems to exist about this (based on too much time...
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    Hampden 12s 21j Mdl4 John Hancock- balance assistance please?

    I'm confused about the proper approach to fixing the balance on this watch (ser#1975813) and would appreciate some input. The watch is uncommon and I like it a lot, so I'm hoping it is possible to save it - and worth it. Is it more logical to re-staff the existing balance (otherwise fine) or...
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    Frustrated - Hunting for hunting cases

    Is it just me? For the first 6-years of my collecting hobby/obsession it was all about the movement(s). Then, recently, I took stock and discovered - somehow - nearly 40-percent of my almost 500 watches are "sidewinders". In other words, hunting-cased watches that have lost the original case...
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    Double Indemnity- Hampdens with Safety Barrel and Safety Pinion

    Another Hampden curiosity. The 16s 19j and 23j models with hidden winding wheels have both a safety barrel and safety pinion...and are so marked (including the patent number for the barrel)...on the later movements. (I have an earlier 1904 19j "Railway" that is not marked regarding the barrel...
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    Weird 15j Tisdall?

    Guys, this watch is marked "15-jewels", yet has a center jewel? Is this as odd as it seems? Would leaving off cap jewels in the escapement explain it? Is it a bad idea to jewel in this fashion? Enquiring minds (well mine anyway) would like to know what the consensus is on this?
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    Rock'in Railroad Rollers?

    Can someone help me sort this out a bit please? I realize that the "standards" for table rollers changed in 1908, to the degree that single rollers were no longer accepted in new watches (although SR were "grandfathered" all the same.) However, If I'm correct, the shift to double roller started...
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    Last of the hunter Railroad "standards"?

    Does anyone (Kent, Ed) know when the hunter-cased RR watches went the way of the Dodo? For that matter, assuming there were some laying around after the long after they were no longer permitted, they were offered for sale? More generally, how did watch companies rid themselves of...
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    "Lever"age? Why so few choices of large high grade pendant set "Gent's watches?

    Lately, I've had a jones for high-grade "Gents" in 'railroad grade' quality and finish or better . However, only in RR sizes...16 or 18...(no 12 or smaller), preferably 'thin' and absolutely, definitely PENDANT SET! Not as easy to manage as I thought it would be. One of the prime...
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    Big 5 - percentages of highly jeweled watch production.

    If I understand correctly, the fewest highly jeweled (17-plus) watches produced by the "Big 5" were made by Hampden. (Ironic, since they started the "jewel wars"). This is based roughly on percentages of total production, as follows. Elgin 60 million total production - 9 million w/17-Plus...
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    Ball-Hamilton "build" Costs - Strange!

    Ok - just stumbled onto this 'page' of the "Halligan Documents". It would appear to list the costs of (992-based) Ball movements made by Hamilton. Basically understandable, with one exception for me. I had been led to believe that Ball Co timed their movements, and this reinforces that. Only...
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    Illinois Named vs. Unnamed Grades

    OK...need some clarification please! What exactly is the difference (or differences) between the named grade Miller and the nameless grade 103? All I can figure is, it has to do with the regulator - standard on the Miller vs patent Wheeler or Chalmers on the 103. Come right down to it - it is...
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    Help Identifying this escapement?

    I'm more familiar with American pocket watches, but had to have this one when I saw it. (Lust at first sight?) It has become a massively intriguing riddle in itself for me. French or Swiss, recased (improperly), key wind, dual time, dual train, pare-chute, possibly dead beat seconds, and much...
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    "Bookends": "early and/or late railroad watches".

    Reading posts by Kent et al, regarding railroad watches, got me thinking. For that reason I thought it might be fun to start a thread showing "first" and "last" railroad watches by American companies. To try and keep it simple, I'd like to kick it off with what I percieve to be the most basic...

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