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  1. andrewshane

    World War II US Army Air Corps LeCoultre Weems A-11 cal 450

    I just picked this up for my collection from an estate. Circa 1942 LeCoultre Weems A-11 US Army Air Corps Pilot's watch. It has a 450 cal movement. Since there doesn't seem to be more than a very few examples with photos out there on the net, I thought I'd share this one with the board. It's...
  2. andrewshane

    Large Seth Thomas Marble Mantle Clock

    Thanks inbeat. I also forgot to mention, but I'm sure most people will notice, it is a jeweled movement.
  3. andrewshane

    Hamilton Flight II - What a deal!

    Congrats on a great find! I love finding great watches in antique shops and flea markets. My best recently was an early LeCoultre bumper wind with winding indicator at an antique store in Memphis. $12.00 with a 20% off sale! Of course I had to put about $50 into it, but I'll take that any...
  4. andrewshane

    Large Seth Thomas Marble Mantle Clock

    Hello members! I'm usually posting on the wristwatch boards, but I think I finally found a clock worthy of the clock board. I purchased this massive marble mantle clock at an estate tag sale last weekend. The dial measures 12 1/4" diameter. The base is 21 5/8" long x 6" deep. The entire...
  5. andrewshane

    1940's Cartier Chronograph w/ LeCoultre Movement

    Hey guys. I just got a chance to view this watch today and may have a chance to purchase it. I'm a little skeptical because I cannot find another example anywhere in the net or any of my books that is the same. I do find another 1940's 3 register chrono by LeCoultre, but none with a Cartier...
  6. andrewshane

    Help With Unsigned Ebauche Movement

    Thank you Jerry (and others). I just wish it still had that 18k case with it. I'm sure it would be very difficult to find one to fit it. As always I appreciate all of the good info.
  7. andrewshane

    Help With Unsigned Ebauche Movement

    No logo. Any other thoughts?
  8. andrewshane

    Help With Unsigned Ebauche Movement

    Thanks guys. I'll take the dial off this evening and look for the Agassiz logo. The reason I mentioned Patek is in the watch guide by Engle, Gilbert and Shugart I see in the regulator section one that looks very close labeled as a Patek Philippe regulator. I'll be sure to update with what I...
  9. andrewshane

    Help With Unsigned Ebauche Movement

    Good evening members. I have recently purchased this private labeled watch. Although the jeweler is an American maker, I think the movement may be Swiss which is why I posted it here. C.L. Byrd of Memphis, Tennessee was known to retail Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet pocket watches with...
  10. andrewshane

    1940's mens tiffany & co. wristwatch

    A new crystal is typically no big deal at all unless the case is very unusual. Any reputable watchmaker can replace it. We would all love to see a photo of your grandfather's watch if you could post one. We always enjoy seeing what we are discussing. Good luck. Shane
  11. andrewshane

    Movado Datron HS 360

    I just purchased a Movado Datron HS 360 with the Zenith movement. It's a very large heavy watch. I love it. I've been looking for one for years and finally found one I was willing to pay the asking price for. Does anyone know if this came with a stainless bracelet or a rubber strap or were...
  12. andrewshane

    Help ID'ing Rolex Movement

    Thanks Jim. I never saw the caliber number until you told me it was under the balance wheel and I looked a long time for it. It does say 1210. Thanks again for your help pointing out the obvious to me. -> posts merged by system <- Well Doug, here's the sad part of the story. I bought a box...
  13. andrewshane

    Help ID'ing Rolex Movement

    Thanks Jim. I thought a 1210 too. Was the 1210 made in an 18j variation though? There are slight differences in mine and the 1210 in your link. I did not notice the missing spring. I'm kind of a novice. Thanks for the help.
  14. andrewshane

    Help ID'ing Rolex Movement

    I came across this vintage Rolex movement, but have not been able to ID it. I do not have an exhaustive Rolex guide so I would appreciate any help on it. Thanks guys. Andrew
  15. andrewshane

    Illinois Wristwatch Question

    Thanks Cary. I thought I had looked closely in the watch guide but I guess I missed it. I found it now that you told me the name. I appreciate your help once again.
  16. andrewshane

    Bulova digital watch

    It sounds like you have a Bulova Computron. Go to the popular online auction site and search in completed listings for Bulova LED and you will be pleasantly surprised about your watch, even if it does not work.
  17. andrewshane

    Illinois Wristwatch Question

    Hello all. I just picked up this late 20's Illinois watch. It has the original box and price tag too. The case is a 618 by J. Milhening and is 14k gold filled. No wear through. The movement is a 605. It is not running, but looks to need just a good cleaning. Balance wheel moves freely...
  18. andrewshane

    French Carriage Clock Hour Repeater w/ Alarm Maker?

    Thanks Jonathan. I probably will not remove the faceplate and just accept that it is unmarked. I've had several before that were not. Thank you for your response. I appreciate your help.
  19. andrewshane

    French Carriage Clock Hour Repeater w/ Alarm Maker?

    Hey guys. I just picked up this nice little French carriage clock recently. It is a hour repeater with alarm. I'm assuming it is French, but it is unsigned. Does anyone recognize the movement? Could there be a signature on the front of the movement? I know there were a lot of these, but I...
  20. andrewshane

    Can you read this watchmakers name?

    I believe Thos was an early English abbreviation for the name Thomas. That may help you a bit more in your search. Good luck.

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