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  1. scaryharry

    Got my Meiji workin'

    First, thank you to all of the knowledgeable clock enthusiasts who have helped myself and others preserve these wonderful pieces of history. Over my Christmas break I was able to spend a few hours with my uncle who brought me into the world of clocks. I won this Meiji at auction and finally dug...
  2. scaryharry

    I hate to ask , but ... Help identifying please

    Clocks are like puppies, sometimes they just follow me home. I had to have this clock. It is very well made but there is not a single mark I can find on the movement and only a remnant of a paper label on the inside of the case. There was no dial, no glass and only the hour hand. The arbor for...
  3. scaryharry

    Help identifying a clock

    I went to an estate sale that the add said had a plethora of clocks. There were two very interesting clocks that were beyond my means. screwballThis was my consolation prize. I believed it to be French , reverse painted glass frame clock. I brought it home and opened it up and found wooden...
  4. scaryharry

    Help , where to find N.O.S. American made main springs

    My uncle has donated several sets of new American made mainsprings to my clocks over the years. He called Merrits and Ronell as his supply was nearing the end. They both informed him that American made mainsprings 3/4"x.018"x96" loop end are no longer available. He does not use the internet and...
  5. scaryharry

    Cuckoo curiosity western arabic numbers on dial ?

    New guy here , hoping to learn . I have a few cuckoo clocks which I'm told are the "tourist models" . 1 day , 1 bird , 5 leaf basic German cuckoo clocks . I recently came across this clock and bought it because I have not seen these with Arabic numerals . All my other cuckoo clocks have Roman...
  6. scaryharry

    New guy looking for some Ingraham help

    I purchased an Ingraham at an estate sale. It had a broken main spring and I have cleaned it and replaced bushings and am now assembling . I cannot figure out the strike lever configuration . I have a picture of it before cleaning and I did not think twice about noting the exact positioning of...

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