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    Jerome New Haven Dolphin Timepiece

    Hi everyone, and hope you are keeping safe during these strange times. I've just had a steeple clock dropped off to me by a friend. She described it as "the movement fell out" when what actually happened is the mainspring broke into many pieces. It has a label pasted on the back of the...
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    English Bracket Clock with Verge and Crown Wheel

    H everyone I'm working on an 18th century bracket clock with verge and crown wheel escapement. The major issue at the moment is the wear on the crown wheel teeth. The wheel is running true, but some teeth are much lower than others (seems random, they're not, for example, all on one...
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    Wheel Cutting Engine

    Hi everyone I recently inherited a wheel cutting engine which appears to be the same as illustrations Fig. 83 & 84 in J M Wild's book Wheel and Pinion Cutting in Horology. Wild describes this as appearing in the Horological Journal starting in February 1979. Can anyone help me with...
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    Coca Cola Advertising Clock

    Hi, I was just asked to look at a Coca Cola advertising clock. A quick search of the forums found several threads with identical clocks, identified as a Gilbert 3022. This clock has only a "C" or a "G" and a "J" stamped on the frame with no other identification. After attention to the dial...
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    Brass dial cleaning

    The brass dial from a Welsh longcase clock movement is to be re-silvered. I have dismantled the dial, and there is a considerable amount of corrosion on the brass under the corner spandrels, presumably where polish has lingered after attempted cleaning. These corner areas are cleaning up...
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    Meadows & Passmore UK

    Hi, I made an online order with Meadows & Passmore, UK parts supplier, on 12th April. All seemed fine, order number etc. I haven't received the parts yet, and haven't received any emails relating to the order either. Just now I tried to go to the online store - unavailable (times out, and it...
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    English long case marriage

    Hi Just this week I was tempted by an English long case clock at an auction. I was mostly interested in the case, a short, simple oak case with mahogany banding. The painted dial suggested mid 19th century (no name or place visible on the dial) but the case looked earlier. I wasn't able to see...
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    Brockbank Regulator

    Hi everyone Not strictly an acquisition, but I was asked to help to put the pendulum back on a long case clock that had been moved. The owner, a gentleman in his 90s, had recently entered a retirement home, and had been careful to take off the pendulum and weight before moving it. At the home I...
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    Rack Gravity Clock

    Hi everyone In a previous thread I raised some questions about replacing the platform escapement in this clock. Here I would like to raise a further issue about how to test the clock after the platform is replaced or repaired. In order to understand the issue I need to describe the clock in...
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    Platform Escapement replacement

    Hi everyone I have a 1981 rack gravity clock by Bazeley of Cheltenham (UK) which has a platform escapement. Unfortunately one of the balance staff pivots is broken, the hairspring is malformed and there may be damage to one or more of the jewels. Here's the platform: A is the hairspring...
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    English Longcase rocking automation

    Hi everyone Grandparent duties over Christmas and new year have prevented any progress on a William Harris of Chippenham long case clock until this week. It's in for a complete strip and clean, with new bushes where needed plus attention to the date mechanism as reported in a previous post. But...
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    Longcase date problem

    Hi everyone Just into the workshop is an English long case movement. The name on the dial is William Harris of Chippenham, who is listed as working "about 1770". The dial is a single sheet of engraved silvered brass with a round cut-out in the arch - a figure of Old Father Time holding a...
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    longcase by William Harris of Chippenham

    Hi everyone, this clock was in a house as I returned a Black Forest wall clock from repair. The heavily carved oak case, the rocking figure of the grim reaper (with Tempus Fugit) suggested Victorian, but William Harris of Chippenham died in 1795! The hands suggest about 1770, as does the...
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    William Addis Bracket Clock

    Hi everyone, it seems to happen a lot to me, I deliver one clock after extensive repairs and I come away with another to be looked at! This time it's an English bracket clock marked Wm Addis on the dial: It's very unlikely to be a real ADDIS - it would be very much more ornate, and the...
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    Camerer Kuss broken lantern pinion

    Hi everyone Yesterday a lady brought in a 12 inch round dial wall clock marked Camerer.Kuss on the dial (photo taken after I had removed the hands): She said that she was winding it and there was a loud bang and the winding key went loose. When I took the back off I had two surprises...
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    Longcase click thread

    Hi everyone, just dismantled an English long case movement for cleaning and found a problem with the click on the going train great wheel. The threaded hole in the brass great wheel is badly worn and allows the click to "slop about" with a danger that it will let the weight fall. But the thread...
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    Long case anchor escapement

    Hi everyone, here's a long case movement that's just come into the workshop. Apparently it hadn't run properly for around seven years since the owners moved house. The case was very shallow in depth, so much so that when the movement was positioned so the weights cleared the door, the pendulum...
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    Unknown mantel clock

    Hi everyone, my first post of 2014 so best wishes for the coming year. A client bought in a gilt metal mantel clock today: It stands just over 9 inches tall, the dial is 2 inches diameter. I can't find any identifying marks on the case or movement, though it bears a resemblance to photos...
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    Seth Thomas peculiarity

    Hi everyone and greetings from London. Recently arrived for overhaul is a round dial Seth Thomas wall clock. I removed the dial to have a quick look at the movement (marked only with 9 1/2 on the plates) and immediately noticed a couple of parts missing. The stopwork has been removed on both...
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    Advice please on long case great wheel repair

    Hi, I'm currently working on an English weight driven long case movement c1800 which has certainly seen some action! Almost every part has been repaired at some time and every pivot hole has been bushed and/or hammered. My particular concern at the moment is the state of the going train great...

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