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    Gilbert Please ID this Clock Wm. Gilbert Mantel? Clock help please

    Looks like a war issue Gilbert. Steel plates. Good Luck!
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    If you will get a quartz movement with a pendulum attachment make a pendulum with a wide berth I use toothpicks. Just mount the quartz on a wall and position it to impulse the anchor pin takes some playing around but it can let off the spring tension without losing fingers. Just let it run...
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    American Seth Thomas Lynton date

    My understanding is that the accountants needed a way to bill the work in process at end of December. Finished at first of January. Kinda of overflow device.
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    Herschede Grandmother clock

    Looks like you have a Jauch movement from the numbers. Maybe someone can look i
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    Clock ID Help

    Pendulum looks like a Gustav Becker triangle mount.
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    Please help identify this magnificent clock

    Thanks for the definition.
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    Please help identify this magnificent clock

    Royce what are you calling spring shoulders? The spring under the hammer? That's a new term for me. Thanks.
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    English Fusee

    I've seen the name Cuss on 31 day Chinese clocks.
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    Crazy little clock

    Gravley Furniture owned Ridgeway clocks at one time.
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    Help to Identify Vintage Wind UpShelf Clock

    The Barrells look to be Chinese.
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    Home made bushing tool

    You might want to verify your nomemclature. Pinion or a pivot. Pinions usually don't snap off. Just checking?
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    Looking to identify clock movement

    Looks like a New Haven movement.
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    LC or LG

    Looks like a Mauthe to me. Only maker I know who had the chimes on right side rear of movement.
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    Air Bag jack for GF clocks

    Can anyone make a round one long enough to straighten dented weight shells?
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    Air Bag jack for GF clocks

    I bought something similar at Lowe's hardware.
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    Maker of this art-deco clock?

    Only German movement I've seen with barrells flanged on main wheel was made by HAC.
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    Kieninger 6 day, 7 hour wall clock????

    I have an Ethan Allen clock with similar issues. I found some smaller weights (length wise) that weighted enough to run movement. It now makes 7 days easilly
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    Tubular 5 chime movement

    Pretty sure it's a Jauch.

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