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  1. Eckytock

    Help with strike mechanism

    My theory is that the strike lifting lever (long brass arm on the back) is in the wrong position. Loosen set screw (marked yellow) - pull off arbour - turn 180 degrees and replace so that lifting lever sits diagonally across backplate going up from left to right. Push strike tail towards star...
  2. Eckytock

    Help How to let down a Mauthe mainspring?

    Yes, the saw tooth ratchet wheel is missing from the middle time spring arbour. You should be wary of the strike side (right) ratchet spring as it is bent and would not return the click into the ratchet as can be seen in your first photo #1.
  3. Eckytock

    What is the purpose of this pin?

    My guess is to stop the rack from flipping over too far to the right.
  4. Eckytock

    Smiths Enfield movement problems. Help needed !!!

    I have a similar Enfield movement which has a "helper spring" coiled around this arbour (yellow arrow) to push down on the chime correction arm. Your photo does not appear to show this helper spring although it does show a shiny piece of steel where one may have been attached. The chime locking...
  5. Eckytock

    A Question Of Balance?

    Out of curiosity can anybody explain what is the most likely reason why amounts of solder would be crudely placed on two opposite sides of a floating balance wheel? The regulator lever is over to max, although clock is running a tiny bit slow. It is on a 1950's "Smiths" mantle clock. Thanks.
  6. Eckytock

    strike movement

    Not seen this type of movement before, although appears to me it is missing a rack hook altogether. I would expect to see the rack hook which would pivot on a stud which may be missing from that hole at the top of the plate. That second lever down appears to unlock the gathering palette.
  7. Eckytock

    Westminster chime setup

    I have a similar movement with same chime locking plate and levers. There is a chime locking cam hiding between the plates and is just visible (white arrow). There is a slot in this cam which should be inline with one of the four slots on the chime locking plate. There is an adjustable warning...
  8. Eckytock

    Hermle Westminster: No chime, no strike

    The train cannot be released because the chime assembly is out of sync. The chime correction lever (hook) will not let go of the locking pin. Only on the high lift does the train release but does not stop until the correction lever drops to catch the pin again on the 3/4 chime. The train cannot...
  9. Eckytock

    Hermle Westminster: No chime, no strike

    The photo below shows my FHS movement which has chime setup very similar to your Hermle. Your latest photo shows the chime locking plate just before the 1/2 hour chime The pin on the chime lock cam (left side) is in the 11 o'clock position showing it is in warning. Note on my photo the pin on...
  10. Eckytock

    Chime problem on German wall clock

    It is not a pin attached to the chime locking lever, but is a lever/tab (not sure of terminology) and part of the chime locking lever. You can just about make it out on the photo. It fills the width of the slot. I would remove the snail to view the star cam and follow the levers up to make sure...
  11. Eckytock

    Crutch adjustment

    In order to get the wall clock in beat I would hang clock on the wall. Tilt clock to left or right to get an even beat remembering "tilt her til she ticks with pride (clock), then adjust the crutch towards the high side". Bend the crutch wire in centre (blue arrow) left or right towards high...
  12. Eckytock

    French clock problem

    May be worth lining up those dots. They can just be seen in your first photo except for the dot on the cannon pinion which is hidden behind the snail. I found this diagram on this site showing the markers.
  13. Eckytock

    French clock problem

    On reassembly did you align the three dot/punch marks on the cannon pinion, minute and hour wheels?
  14. Eckytock

    Smith table clock

    Somebody has been busy with a punch around the 2nd wheel pivot hole as can be seen through the gong in 2nd photo. Needs new leather in hammer and the suspension spring looks bent. Definately got that 1930's look.
  15. Eckytock

    Lady's Face on Top of the clock

    Opinion on this forum says she is "Medusa" or a Medusan like figure. Search this forum but do not stare for too long.
  16. Eckytock

    Stumped on a marti French movement

    Here is a link to a mainspring length calculator:- You may have to buy one that is too long and then cut it down.
  17. Eckytock

    Can not identify chiming melody

    Found this link posted by "chimeclockfan" with video and sheet music. Hope the link works.
  18. Eckytock

    Problems with a Chiming Mantle Piece Clock

    I have an identical looking movement in front of me marked on the back as a FHS. The main difference is my one has the Chime Locking Cam on the other way round and appears to be working OK. The two pins on the cam are not quite opposite one another and would probably make a difference to the...
  19. Eckytock

    Westminster chime Mantle clock

    Hi Fenner I am also an amateur clock tinkerer and do have a problem sometimes with the terminology. My photo is almost the same as yours except it shows both indents locked into the slots of the chime locking cam (green arrow) and the chime locking plate (red arrow). In your photo a chime...
  20. Eckytock

    Westminster chime Mantle clock

    It was Shutts. idea to file the GP which is what I would do without a replacement GP. The way I setup the chime on these movements is to first turn the minute arbour so the 3/4 point on the star cam has just dropped away. Turn the wheels until the drop lever (indent attached to the strike flirt)...

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