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    Seth thomas banjo #4

    Hi all,, I just picked up this #4 at a yard sale for 20.00. I got the key, pendulum and eagle for the top. It needs a mainspring, anyone know what one I need?.I took the hands off to peek around. Thanks in advance
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    Mystery clock

    Hi all, I picked up this clock today, does anybody recognise the maker?
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    New Haven mantle clock

    I picked up this clock at a estate sale yesterday. It was running on a shelf, picked it up for 30.00.. I looked on the net for a name and model number but all I found was a thurston. Also don't know year it was made. Can someone help?
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    Ansonia kitchen clock

    I got this clock from a flea market. It was in at least 10 pieces, got it together and question to you all is I cannot find it anywhere on the net.can someone I'd this please
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    Waterbury kitchen clock

    Hi all, I just picked up this running Waterbury but couldn't find a model or year it was made. Can anyone help?
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    Howard miller 612-374

    Well its not that old but it was made in western gernmany Picked it up at estate sale for a 20 3 chime Click was sticky fixed that Keeps time and chimes sound good
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    French black marble? Mantle clock

    I picked this up yesterday and know nothing about it. Anybody know about what year it was made, who made it? Thanks in advance
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    Webster mainspring winder

    Picked it up for 20.00. Has 12 sleeves, a few retainer loops, a few new mainspring. Did I do good?
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    Time & tide clock

    I picked this up runs about 15 seconds a minute fast. I turned the regulator back as far as it will go but it still runs so fast you can bearly see the second hand tick. Anyone have any thoughts
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    I picked this up today,Swiss made, Alarm works,clock keeps good time. I did a little reading on oris and it seems they are good quality. Does anyone else own a oris?
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    Nickel anniversary clock

    I just picked this up at a thrift store.all it needs is a suspension assy. I don' who or when it was made, any info always appreciated I don' have a chrome or nickel one so I figured it was worth the 23.00
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    New 2 me Gustav Becker anniversary clock

    Just picked it up for 50 bucks Serial on movement and pendulum match #2250267 It runs Anyone have any info on when it was made exc?
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    Swiss alarm clock in leather case

    I posted this under new clock acquisition (xrperry) can anybody identify It? Sorry my tablet won't let me post a pic. No toolbar
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    Swiss travel clock

    I just bought this at a swap meet.says #288478,made in Switzerland, brevit #120659,15-fifteen jewels,,3-three adjustments on movement....on back crown 15.....any ideas what I have?. I don't know how to post a is in a green leather folding case
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    old hammond electric alarm clock

    i picked this up for next to nothin, works and keeps time. anybody know about when it was made?
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    Sligh model 0577-1-cc, new haven

    i just picked up the sligh for 30.00, not old but works perfect. started to collect smaller plastic new haven clocks,the bigger white one is chipped but they all run.any idea on the year made on new havens.
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    Waterbury mission floor clock 6ft 6 tall

    does anyone know how long the pendulum should be? Just the wood stick length.
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    Toyo 4 jewel self winding clock

    i picked this up some time ago. it takes a c size battery. every once in a while it makes a hissing noise and a click. pretty sure its a self winder. anybody know anything else about it ?.
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    Jefferson golden hour clock

    Heres another yard sale find, under the plastic base is the numbers 1-8-52.the plastic gear on motor output shaft is missing teeth.
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    Waterbury celluloid clock?

    hi everybody, i just picked this celluloid? Clock from a yard sale. I cannot get the back. off, it looks like some kind of rivets on the top and bottom. Anyway anybody have any info on when it might have been made and how to get the back off? Any info greatly appreciated

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