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    Coolidge to Stanley Harris Bulova

    I bought this empty case in a large lot over 25 years ago from a watch dealer who worked the Baltimore Washington DC area that bought watches, watchmaker estates, and jewelry stores. At the time did not know who Stanley Harris was. Did some research on the net a couple years ago and found...
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    WW1 pw for Veteran's Day

    16s gf case with no movement. Googled abit, and seems it is 315th Regiment, C Company. Infantry. But maybe it is not. 315th Regiment was organized in Philadelphia where I got the watch. They saw service in a major battle in France. Not sure what the date means. Possibly when he joined the...
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    Small carrier dogs clamps for watch work

    Couple people are making or plan to make clamps along the Bergeon No. 30090 style. There has been some question about how thick the metal should be. I measured my set of 12. The thickness ranges from .40mm to .51mm. The thickness and the size of the holes do not correspond. In other words...
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    Using hand wheel with Jacot tool?

    The thread on turns got me thinking. Was wondering if anyone has tried using a handwheel like used with Geneva lathes or turns with a Jacot tool. Seems it might eliminate the coordination problem, where one hand is doing something totally different than the other hand. Turning the handwheel...
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    Hand engraving with a graver

    This is a copper plate I hand engraved. Sort of for advertising watches in my showcase. Have not engraved in two months or so, and made some mistakes. But then again, I always make some mistakes, even when engraving regularly. Did not try to touch up the "slip" on the bottom ornament...
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    countershaft mounted on Borel stand

    The Borel stand is nice because you can quickly get a lathe set up and working, it can be moved around, and does not take up much space. But it really does have some flaws including difficult to adjust motor for belt tension, and hard to use with a counterstaft. I think I solved those two...
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    Meaning of "Special" on PP&Co movement

    Recently bought a Patek Philippe -Bailey Banks and Biddle 19 1/4L (16s) HC. #77,xxx. Center bridge is marked "Special". What does "Special" Mean? Also sometimes see "Extra" in same spot. What does that mean? Which is better? Seems many that were marked "Extra" were entered into time...
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    Waltham jewel setting

    Jerry, here is another one with the same jewel setting as yours. Close serial number, different grade. A Maximus, same model. The listing has ended.
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    cool howard turned into a hamilton? Pretty amazing what was done here. Kevin Scott

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