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    The Watson MFG. Co. Toledo Ohio Need Info

    Sounds like the Watson "Baby Grand" lathe. This lathe sounds interesting. I would like to see some images of it. For more info, check this link: WatsonBabyGrandLathe Best regards, Greg
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    New York Standard Question

    Does anyone know when New York Standard Watch Co. started selling wristwatches for men? Thanks, Greg
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    1941 - 1945 Helbros Question The image of Uncle Sam w/Tommy gun and helmet caught my eye at a local antique shop. So, I bought this empty WWII vintage watch box (the watch in the box now is a random Helbros from my junk box). My question is, which...
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    Pocket Watch of I.A. Clark, Batavia NY This old chain-drive lever, w/o case, appears to be an English made import. Does anyone have any information regarding I.A. Clark of Batavia, NY? Any guesses as to age? Thanks, Greg
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    Who made this movement? Thanks, Greg
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    21Jewel BW Raymond Grade 581 staff

    S. LaRose appears unable to provide the correct staff for my Royal Navy Elgin Deck Watch. The serial No. is 41754653 (Circa 1942). The staff LaRose sent is almost correct, but the hub is too small. Any help locating a staff or balance would be appriciated. Best regards, Greg
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    Quarts movements of the U.S.S.R.

    Recently, I examined a Soviet made presentation pocket watch, dated 1981, which is equipped with a quarts movement. Unlike most of the battery powered movements I have examined, this one is well made and highly jeweled. A new battery got it going right away. At what point did the USSR start...
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    Age & value

    The rules here provide that we give no dollar value of anything. I would suggest checking a copy of a price guide for such info. The name in the watch may be that of the jeweler who sold it, however, it would appear your watch was made about 1912 by the Illinois Watch Co. If I'm using the...
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    Trench Watch?

    It sounds like an early swiss made wrist watch with a "demi hunter" type of protecive dial cover. I have one like this but made by Waltham with a 1916 engraving to a Canadian fighting in France. Some people call these watches trench watches because the wrist watch was first made popular by the...
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    An odd watchmakers milling attachment

    This tool fits over the tool post of a watchmakers lathe cross slide. It's unmarked. It will hold a saw or a milling cutter. It's possible to adjust the height of the cutter but it is not possible to pivot the spindle to a horizontal position. The spindle is solid and will not take a collet...
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    Schwerter’s adjustable jewel setting and counter-sinking drill

    In case anyone has this tool w/o the box and instructions......
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    Ladies FAN with WATCH on it!

    If you post a picture of the movement, open for view, I would imagine various members would have interesting comments regarding the origin of the watch within your fan. I have seen other items with watches mounted in them, such as canes, lighters, make-up cases, etc. all of which have their...
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    The “SUN COMPASS”, a rather complex military clock

    These images are of an early 1960's vintage U.S.Army "Sun Compass". The Technicle Manuel is dated 1961. It's sort of like a sextant with a built in clock in the center. It was made for use when in North or Southern latitudes for navigation. It's useful when a regular compass will not function...
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    Is anyone familiar with Allion a Versailles?

    Of the three or four watches and small clocks I have seen with this name on the dial, all had Swiss movements and appeared to have been made in the period of about 1910/1920. One small clock I examined may have been made as late as the 1930's. Best regards, Greg
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    Elgin M56* Oil...

    No, I have not. But it was a good oil and I hope it is re-introduced. Best regards, Greg
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    New York Standard - fake jewel counts & KW/KS watch

    Yes, a few statutory laws existed in various places. At common law, fraud was and is a crime as well as a civil cause of action. I don't have any NYS key winders. Why not post a want to buy or watch eBay and buy one? Regards, Greg
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    What are these odd movements for?

    A parts purchase included a load of over 50 of these strange movements. Most are marked Tavannes, others "Buren Watch Co USA Swiss Unadjusted". A few are marked Olympic Co. R. Gsell & Co. Inc.Swiss Unadjusted." One is a 9 jewel Elgin No. 36833060. They have from 7 to 17 jewels. Now, what...
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    hands catch on one another

    Well, it's usually not such as big deal. You slide a pocket knife blade in and pop of the bezel (the part holding the crystal). Then, with the bezel off, use your tweezer to correct the hands. After the hands are corrected, move them around with the stem through all 12 hours, if ok, snap the...
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    A watch of old Bagdad

    This watch came from an old bazar in Tehran, Iran about 1996. I was never in Bagdad. After I got home, I found the watch had so many nagging little problems that I finally put it in a box and forgot about it. With all that's going on in Bagdad now, maybe I'll get around to fixing it...
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    Stratford brand Swiss watch, made by Langendorf Watch Co.

    Lots of luck finding an exact staff for your watch. If you take dimensions of the old staff and contact a watch part supply house they may be able to locate something close. At one time, there were Swiss staff assortments around. The end result may be that you must locate a close but oversize...

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