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    Mechanical WW Universal geneve cal. 1-66

    I am servicing an universal Geneve cal 1-66. I have replaced the mainspring, trued the balance and I am only getting an amplitude of 220°. Should I be expecting an amplitude around 270° or is the 220° all she will give me?
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    Mechanical WW Omega 1128

    I have an Omega 1128 GMT. The hour wheel is failing. I have read that this is common but I can not source the part. I am told that it has been discontinued. Does anyone know of a way to fix the old wheel, or of a suitable replacement.
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    Breitling chronograph with ETA 2892a2

    I recently acquired a breitling chronograph or at least the parts and pieces of a breitling chronograph. It appears to be an eta 2892A2 with what I think is a DD chronograph plate attached to the top of the eta movement. I now have the entire DD chronograph plate back together and the ETA 2892A2...
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    International Watch Co. Schaffhausen Mainspring limiter

    I have, what I believe to be, a IWC Schaffhausen Silver Pocket watch Cal. 53. It Has what seems to be a mainspring limiter on the mainspring arbor and barrel. With this limiter on I can only get about four winds on the mainspring. Does anyone know the purpose of this limiter? Any information...
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    Electric WW Bulova accutron 2181 quartz conversion

    I have a bulova accutron 2181 that is done for. The case is a solid gold case and i would like to still wear the watch. Does anyone know what quartz movement I could replace the 2181 with?

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