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    Info on this Clock?

    Hello All! I got this little clock awhile back. At the time, it was utterly filthy, spray bombed gold, and covered in nicotine tar. After doing my best to clean it up it looks decent and I was surprised to find it runs well enough to be used! I tried using Internet archives of Ingraham catalogs...
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    Seth Thomas Adamantine Clock

    Hello All! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Anyway, I finally got this Seth Thomas clock back after having the movement serviced and it’s now up and running. The date code says this clock was made in January of 1899. Does anyone know anything else about this clock like the model, or have...
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    $ Ingrahams alarm clock

    I’m interested in purchasing an Ingraham Aalarm clock to wake me up every morning. XD However, before I look to seriously at buying, I first wanted to ask the experts for their take on an acceptable price range. The kind I would like are the turn of the century to WWI era nickel plated peg leg...
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    $ Ingraham Rose

    This clock has been in the family for a very long time and belonged to my great grandparents. My grandpa was a clock maker and did some repairs on it after awhile. The clock is capable of running, but is out of beat from years of neglect since his passing. The pendulum is not original, nor is...
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    $ Ingraham Pacific

    This is one of my more recent clocks, an Ingraham Pacific. It is dated to February of 1926 by the movement. The clock is complete to the best of my knowledge,and capable of running, though it needs to be adjusted as its out of beat. I want to keep this one as I love shelf clocks, just can’t help...
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    Clock Value Section Problems

    Im trying to post in the Values section and it still says I have “insufficient permissions “ even after checking the box on my profile. Please Help!
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    Ingraham Pacific

    I got this clock a while back and was very interested in using it as a daily runner. I never got around to it until now. Last night I swung the pendulum and it seemed to keep time for 15 minutes or so before stopping. Any suggestions on what I should do? (Still very new to the hobby)
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    Ingraham Pacific?

    Hello all! I recently acquired this Ingrahams clock for a decent price. The clock does run but could use a good cleaning. The movement says 2 26, so I'm guessing it was made in February 1926. I have seen the "Pacific" listed in catalogues as early as 1907-1908 and as late as 1927-1928. It...
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    E. Ingrahams "Rose" Repair

    I own an Ingrahams "Rose" that I have recently learned is in need of some pieces. The pieces are purely cosmetic in nature as the clock does run. First and foremost, the crest is missing the original top half and was repaired with a top piece unlike the original. The clock also seems to be...
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    E. Ingraham clock

    Ive had this clock for a while now and decided I wanted to find out more about it. I was able to trace the serial number on the movement to March of 1905. Unfortunately, the instructions on the back are in taters, namely the area denoting the model. It looks very similar to the "Rose" model and...

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