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    Kienzle Clock information

    Good Evening everyone, I recently acquired a Kienzle Wall clock. Can anyone help me with information about this model clock? Age, model information, etc.. Thank you in advance. Mike
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    Ingraham gingerbread clock information

    Good Evening, I just picked up this clock and would like some feedback on it. Sitting in a shed for many years, the owner was selling his home and I was able to aquire the clock. It has a mercury pendulum and a separate alarm that does sound. The gold on the front glass is faded, the paper...
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    King George III clock wont sound on the half hour.

    The clock now operates and the bell rings correctly on the hour. However , the half hour signal will not operate. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. Mike
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    King George III clock movement issues.

    This is a follow-up from a previous post. I have gotten the movement running in beat. Very happy with the progress. However, the minute hand drops down by itself after 1 o'clock. Also, the chimes don't seem to work at all. Is there something that I am missing? Do you need more information or...
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    French weather clock information.

    I just acquired this French weather station clock. It runs nicely. The lower trim is damaged, the upper trim is warped. Missing the finials. Is it worth repaing or should I just keep it as is? Can anyone help me with identification and dating this? Thank you in advance

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