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    Dial identification

    I have a signed clock face to an of clock looking for any information on the signature it’s an OG clock and mechanism is unmarked. Attaching picture of dial. I’m adding a few extra pictures so people can see T different angles the signature
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    German Round Top Grandfather Clock ID

    I have a (assumed) German Grandfather clock. I have searched everywhere for any type of markings. There are a few on the rear of the movement, but none that can identify it (from my knowledge). I am attaching pictures to see if anyone can help Thank you in advance. Peter
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    Gilbert Mantel Clock Identification

    I have a Gilbert Black Mantel Clock, Gilbert Movement and Gilbert Dial, but I cannot find it in the Gilbert Tran books. Does anyone know the name and year and any information about it. Picture attached Thank you
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    Waterbury Indentification Help

    I have a Mantle Clock, it has a Waterbury dial and movement, however I cannot find the model in the Tran Waterbury book 1989 publish date. Does anyone have any idea what model this is, or if its another maker. I have the Sessions book and Waterbury book but none of the others yet. Thank you Peter
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    Ansonia Kitchen Clock Identification

    I have an Ansonia clock I need identified, it is not complete and I don't have the Ansonia book yet to find the model, can someone please help Identify it. Thanks Peter
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    Identification French White Marble Mantle Clock

    I am trying to identify a French Mantle Clock. It has V.L. Stamped on the inside of the mechanism. No other real maker symbols. I have attached some pictures Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Peter
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    Antique long-case grandfather's clock age?

    Posting pictures of the mechanism. There is no markings anywhere. Can anyone provide any information, date or maker from the pictures?

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