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    New Howard Miller found at rummage sale

    Just bought this at a rummage sale for $15 Howard Miller with shipping packing still intact. Not sure if I’ll keep it, sell it, or use it for parts.
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    Looking for plans for a wood-movement historical recreation

    I would like to build a Wood Movement Recreation of a historical clock, like the Connecticut Shelf Clock by Eli Terry. As a beginner builder (16 clocks built so far, one grandfather Hermle 1171) I could really use a detailed set of plans to guide me. Does anyone have a set of plans for...
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    Help needed. Next project: wood geared wall clock

    Idea: Standard looking wall clock with a pendulum that has an all wood movement The plans for wood movements that I have seen are skeleton type but I want to make a wood movement in a standard case with windows on the side to see the movement. there must be plans available for early design...
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    Hermle 1171-850 project is completed

    Thank you for all the help! I built this clock with parts I pulled together from a local clock shop and eBay. Then I reached out to everyone here for help in setting up a test jig and getting the clock working. I did not use any plans, but I did use a photo of a clock I liked and scaled the...
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    Dial Face obstruction 1171-850

    This post (see picture) is in the way of the dial face I want to use. It’s connected to a plastic lever. Is this the moon dial and do I need it? Hermle 1171-850. It seems like it is a cam to move the large gear. It seems to have two settings? Can you help me identify what it is and what do the...
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    Building a "New" clock with a 1171-850 Hermle 114cm 60

    Setting up a test jig for the 1171-850 and things are running fine so far. I was about to mount the chimes when I noticed they were not aligned. XXXXXXXX . XXXX Here is a picture: The four gongs are shifted out from the chimes and the gongs I have would have to be mounted with a twist...
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    Clock Help Round Dial for 1171-850

    I am looking for a Round dial for a Hermle 1171-850 for a DIY build I am attempting any help or guidance is appreciated
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    Manufacturer of this Mechanical Movement?

    I just bought this movement to use in a Grandfather clock I am building. It has no manufacture on it but it says "Made in USA" and "8710" and "A-415-015" It has 3 weights and 4x8 gong hitters. I am trying to figure out how to mount it. It obviously has to sit over a hole for the weights and...

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